Chann's Daughter Arrives

Greetings from Cambodia   

It’s been a long long time that I have not reported to you all with the work in Cambodia.

Today I would like you to read some work and information that we have done recently. We are now have our brothers and sisters working with the church in different places. We have three people working and encouraging the church at Takam, Leang Dai, and Somroung every Sunday.

I myself have six people that I have to follow up and study with two days in a week. I have set up the time to study with a young faithful Christian man on Tuesday and Thursday every week, with the purpose of starting up another congregation at the suburb of the town.

I have studied with two young people at one place and I expect to have five more people to study with. Besides this area I also have to encourage and study with seven more members who are very busy with their jobs.

Please pray for my family, as my wife she just bore a baby last week on Wednesday and they are just out from the hospital today.

We deeply appreciate you all for your support and your love to us and the work of God in Cambodia.

In His service


Posted on November 29, 2010 .