Students Prepare For Graduation...

Prayer Request: Please continue to pray for strength and healing for Evie Graber (and her family) and Cy Stafford (and his family), while they endure difficult health challenges. Both Evie and Cy are involved in receiving various forms of treatment. Cy just finished another round of chemo-therapy, and he provided a report this week (see below). Please pray for them during this time.

Next Sunday represents a special day in the lives of the men and their families who entered the Bear Valley Bible Institute two years ago. Next Sunday they will walk to the stage to receive their bachelor’s degree in biblical studies, as they have completed the requirements for each course in the intense studies at the Bible Institute. After the classroom hours, the intense work load, and the demands upon their time through assigned venues, these men will briefly celebrate before moving to new locations for full-time ministry. We ask you to pray for these men and their families as they take the next step in their service to the Lord.

Reports from extension locations around the world poured in this week with incredible news about the work students completed over the past week and month. The encouragement is immeasurable when reading about the dedication and determination on the part of these men to share the gospel. The countless souls who hear the gospel and those who obey it remind us of what this work is all about. We count it one of the greatest blessings to partner with such wonderful men who realize the urgency of preparing men to preach the gospel. We also ask that you continue to pray for each location involved in this program.

Please remember to update your files to include Keith Kasarjian. He needs to receive your reports, and if there is information to discuss regarding the extension program, please write Keith. He now serves as the new director of the extension program. His email address is

Now on to this week’s incredible reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is

The latest report from Steven Ashcraft can be read by clicking here.

Extension Reports

Communicating With God Through Prayer, And God Gives The Increase: In the midst of all the activities in Cameroon, the focus on prayer demonstrates the power of God at work.

Mbanga School Theme For May, “The Prayer Of The Faithful:” As students continue their studies in Mbanga, Cameroon, their focus this month is on prayer.

The Growing Needs For The Church In Northern Ghana: The challenges facing the church in Ghana emphasis the needs of these brethren and the work of the school.

The New School In Zimbabwe Prepares To Open With 25 Students: Amidst the recent tragedy in Zimbabwe, the staff prepare to open for classes with a strong first class.

Sixteen Souls Were Added To The Kingdom With Recent Evangelistic Efforts: A recent campaign in Takoradi, Ghana witnessed sixteen souls obey the gospel.

Please Read This Encouraging Report From Brother Cy Stafford: It is encouraging to see our brother writing the short-report again. This is worth taking time to read.

Souls Added To The Church Through Daily Activity Of ACSOP Graduates: The efforts of men who completed the program in Arusha continually bear fruit in the kingdom.

Final Thoughts
Not a day goes by that we fail to give thanks for each of you and your role in our efforts to train preachers. The influence of this work is global and your involvement makes it all possible. We cannot thank you enough for your vision to assist the growth of this program in locations around the world where men prepare themselves to preach the gospel. Thank you.

God bless

Posted on May 15, 2016 .