Communicating With God Through Prayer, And God Gives The Increase...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from this end to you all in the name of the Lord. We do hope this report finds you all in good health. We are doing better in health as many who were sick gained health, except for brother Nguty Victor who is still out of school because of his health situation.

In the Wotutu congregation, we continue to expose the truth about the importance of prayer and how we can confidently communicate with God through prayer.

Last week in BVBIC-Wotutu went on well, as our students prepared for their exams and many other events that are coming up.

Our students continue to impress me with the spirit that is in BVBIC-Wotutu, which is taking advantage of any situation to share the gospel message with someone be it on the road side, or busy riverside where people in the community take their baths.

Our students are always very happy to make Christ known to others, as the opportunity is granted as long as you can say okay I give you 5 minutes to tell me what you have about Jesus.

As busy as the week and the weekend was, some of our students attended the annual preacher’s forum in Buea. Good lessons were there and I wanted them to meet with those in the field. At least the meeting and sharing their visions and passions was very good. It was also time for me to meet lots of our graduates.

This weekend we were also invited to officiate in the funeral of a sister in Dibanda village. I gave the opportunity to brother Abanda to teach and it was great. By so doing we keep exposing our products to the world for them to see with their own eyes the amount of knowledge our students are getting daily and can help congregations and individuals grow.

It was a big surprise to many of our members in Wotutu today to see a 30 man group from nonpolitical and ethnic backgrounds. They came to Wotutu to visit the children at the orphanage, but they decided to come first and worship with the church of Christ, for their very first time before going to the orphanage home. It was an opportunity to expose the truth to them. We thank God and all those who are concerned to make sure this orphanage is what it is. It is an avenue to teach the truth, nurture the children with the truth, and above all, point them daily to Christ as we raise them to know Christ. It is our desire and vision that they will make known Christ in their generation. They were thrilled by the children’s knowledge of the Bible and songs which are     accapella. They could not hide their feelings by expressing joy with tears as these children owe no many any explanation why they are orphans, but they were happy to carry the children on their laps giving them comfort that they missed all these years from their parents.

It was a time also for us to enjoy fellowship with them, as a prayer was offered to God on their behalf, begging God to watch over them with such a good heart to think about Him and those underprivileged. We prayed that God bless them and help them keep their visions alive and also help them realize their projects.

The children also saw some donated food materials and other things.

In response to their good gestures, our congregation offered them some Bibles and many tracks from Mission Printing that will keep in their memories lots of information about God, His child, and His church. They received it with joy and said they were not expecting something like this and that we have given them the best gift which will help guide them and shape their lives.

Brother Job was added in the Wotutu congregation. Keep him in your prayers.

Sister Mbong Melvisl also obeyed the gospel. Two more souls were added in other congregations that our children were there for weekend evangelism.

ow that Likomba congregation is going on well. We have started looking at the opportunity to focus on west coast part of Cameroon and Kumba area. Many more invitations come to us to come over and help nurture or plant a new congregation. The field is ripe and time is running out. We are not wasting time to make sure we do our best and our own part of the work. God is doing His own and on the other hand satan is also busy doing his own.

Pray for the annual Bible lectureship which will be in Wotutu this November. The program is out and distribution to other congregations is already going on. We shall be happy to welcome you here during that period to be our guest.

We shall be attending a scholarship lectureship in Kumbo towards the end of this month.

Pray as we prepare to welcome applicants who will come to Wotutu on the 27th - 28th for the entrance exams which will qualify them to be Delta batch of students come next year after this batch is off.

God bless you for all that you are doing for us here. If you were not there, we doubt how this work will have been possible. God bless you and keep you strong as you serve in His vineyard. Greet all over there and around you. Share this report with others.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director BVBIC-Wotutu

Posted on May 15, 2016 .