The New School In Zimbabwe Prepares To Open With 25 Students...

March 2016 Report
We are grateful to God for this opportunity to report on how things are shaping up as we prepare for the opening of Bear Valley Bible Institute, Zimbabwe (BVBI-Z). BVBI-Z is an institution of churches of Christ and is governed by her doctrines and practices thereof. As we near our start date, we have intensified our preparatory efforts and with the Lord’s providence, we are truly more than conquerors.

1.0    Banking Details
We opened a bank account with Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe (CBZ) and as you may know we had challenges receiving funds for the School with this bank. On the 10th of March we applied for a bank account with Stanbic Bank but we have not yet received any feedback from this bank. We had to use my personal bank account with Ecobank Zimbabwe to send funds to BVBI-Z.

2.0    Start Date
Our start date has been moved from the 4th of April to the 2nd of May 2016. This has been necessitated by the ongoing preparations for the School. We have notified all prospective students of this change.

3.0    BVBI-Z Marketing Campaigns
We continue to publicize the school to the brethren. In March we visited three of the four congregations of churches of Christ in Gweru Urban and talked about the school. We actively participated in the worship services on the days of our visits as well. We intended going to Bulawayo on 11-14 March, but we failed due to some constraints beyond our control. We hope to have this visit the first weekend of April. On the last weekend of April, we hope to attend the Mashonaland West Gospel Meeting and also publicize the school. Mashonaland West is one of the 10 provinces of the country and the Gospel Meeting unites brethren from the churches in the province.

“…commit these things to faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2 Timothy 2.2)

4.0    Purchased Items
We have managed to purchase most of the needed materials for BVBI-Z. We purchased these items in Harare and had to transport them to Gweru. The following are the items we have purchased so far and we will be sending you details once we buy all the materials. See the attached report on the website.

5.0    Prospective Students
In the previous report we had 19 applicants to BVBI-Z. The month of March saw us receive five more applications from prospective students bringing to 24 the total number of applicants. Our facility will only house 12 male students. Married couples and single ladies may need to organize their own accommodation and transportation to school.

We thank God for guiding us in the preparatory work at BVBI-Z. We continue to seek His guidance so that in all we do His name may be glorified. The coming of BVBI-Z is good news for the church in Zimbabwe. We encourage members within the local brotherhood to partner with us at BVBI-Z in our efforts to ensure that the gospel of Christ reaches all the corners of the world and “…that God would open to us a door for the Word, to speak the mystery of Christ…” (Colossians 4.3, NKJV). May God bless Bear Valley Bible Institute, Zimbabwe! May God bless the churches of Christ! AMEN!

In the service of Christ,

This was the first report by the staff at BVBI-Z

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April 2016 Report

Bear Valley Bible Institute-Zimbabwe (hereinafter referred to as BVBI-Z) remains God’s project with the mandate of training men and women towards the expansion of God’s kingdom. BVBI-Z (though in its formative stage) remains committed to see this cause for Christ being achieved with help of the Almighty. Though starting on a sorrowful platform, there is light and hope beyond this phase.

1.0 The Passing Away of BVBI-Z Director
On the 2nd of April, the director of BVBI-Z was called home to be with the Lord. Brother Isaiah was involved in a head on collision en route to Bulawayo to meet preachers and church leaders from Matebeleland Province. The intention was to create an awareness regarding the presence of BVBI-Z in Zimbabwe. 10 people died on the spot. So devastated were the people that memories still remain fresh due to the departure of this soldier for Christ. He left behind a wife and 18 month old baby.

Due to the untimely departure of Isaiah, the remaining but determined staff members unanimously agreed that the work should continue. The opening date was changed to the 6th of June 2016. 

2.2 Staff
Due to the passage of our first director, Brother Mathew Muchingami shall take over as the director, while brother Ishmael Mutichu, the preacher at Nashville church of Christ in Gweru, and a trained educationist, becomes the full time instructor. Brother Howard Suwari and Tawanda Hope Karikoga will serve on a part time bases. 

We continue to thank you all for your moral and financial support you continue to give to BVBI-Z and your desire to see this work on its feet. God’s work will endure forever. BVBI-Z staff is ready to see that the work takes shape. 

Prepared by Howard Suwari, Tawanda Karikoga, Ishmael Mutichu and Mathew Muchingami

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Posted on May 15, 2016 .