Three Graduate From The Master's Program In Ukraine...

Hello brothers, families and churches,

In my November report I want to share with you some news about events and activities at the Institute and some local congregations.

In November I managed to travel to Russia and to visit annual lectureship for Church of Christ preachers and leaders. The theme was “Waiting For the Coming of the Lord.” It happened that I was one of the main speakers for the lectureship. It was a great blessing to participate in such an event. There were about 20 preachers from all over Russia attending the lectureship. There were representatives from churches in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and many other major cities. There are no Bible schools in Russia that would train preachers with an in-class program. Russian brothers and I discussed different ways to open a new school in the territory of Russia. Some of them were interested in this idea. I ask you to pray for God to open a door for us where we need them. 

Also, last month we had festive event at the building at the Bila Tserkva Church of Christ. On November 12 we had a graduation ceremony for Masters Program. This year we had three graduates. Ivan Skoleba is a preacher in Ivano-Frankivsk. Stanislav Kuropiatnikov is preaching in Lviv. Vadym Tymchenko is a preacher in Mariupol. Thus we have an addition to our teaching staff and faithful brothers who are willing to help the work of the Institute. 

We are still actively looking for the future students for the new school year. There are 5 men who are willing to study in our program. Last month we visited another congregation in Kyiv, and we plan to visit another two congregations in December. Also while being in Russia, I tried to encourage those who are willing to study Bible to come to Ukraine and study at our institute. However, due to the military conflict, it doesn’t seem possible right now. 

At the end of November, we had a youth conference with the theme “Moses’ Line.” It was a first youth conference at the new place. We tried to encourage local congregations and their young people to serve the Lord. The attendance was rather low. Yet it was just the beginning, and we’ll be working in this area. 

Also we plan to have a one-day meeting for the preachers. There are about 15 preachers and leaders of the churches who signed up to attend this event. The theme will be “The Unity Based On the Word Of God.” The speakers will be teachers of the Institute and preachers with big experience in ministry. The Institute has been in this part of Ukraine for a short time, and we want to meet with local preachers and leaders of the churches. We are trying to cover all congregations in Central Ukraine. I hope this event goes well, and it will help us have a good standing among local congregations. 

Life is stable in Bila Tserkva Church of Christ. I preach and teach Bible classes occasionally. We also evangelize on the streets of the town. It’s a good opportunity for both students and members of the church to get practical experience in serving the Lord. An elderly lady started coming to Bible classes after another evangelizing effort we made. 

Thank you for your help and constant prayers. We still believe in the power of the gospel and its action. Thank you for your patience and financial support of our ministry. Students and staff of the Institute send you their greetings. 

Your brother and coworker,
Dennis Sopelnik

Posted on December 6, 2015 .