Preparing For The End-Of-The-Year Campaign in Mbanga...

Dear support team, 

Greetings my beloved in the Lord. We are nearing the end of the third quarter in Mbanga and preparing for the end of the year campaign with the high rate of congregational demand for field work, but we are going to serve in those that are really in need. The laborers are few, it is just the beginning.

Still in the domain of evangelism, we all traveled with the students to the Southwest Region for an annual lectureship. To easily get to the Southwest Region you can use our local train, but this time around our locomotive was bad and we had to pass through the river Moungo with the Ferry. We finally went through a local engine boot. After our four days with other members of the Churches of Christ nationwide, God blessed the mission with 9 precious souls, with two restorations. Over 170 congregations were present and so many invitees.

Because our presence in French-speaking Cameroon is to transform the French-speaking world into a world of Christianity, with no rest after coming back from the annual lectureship, we traveled immediately to a town called Sancho around the West Region for a visibility study of the terrain to see how we can start a new congregation in this area (virgin land). We spent the night there with two other instructors, but we are back safely and our beloved one will be on his way back to Bertoua after a long voyage.   

Brother Ititi

Posted on December 6, 2015 .