Another Batch Of Students Enter The Journey Of Training In Togo...

Just after the graduation, another batch of 12 men started a journey that will take them between 2 and 3 years. There are plans to enroll this batch of students in an apprenticeship program to acquire some skill before they graduate. Should this plan work, we shall extend the duration of academic work to three years instead of the regular two years. The interesting thing about this group is that out of the twelve men, only two are not members of Church of Christ. However, it may interest you to know that one student was baptized after one week of classes. Komou Tchaa- came from the Baptist Church but converted after one week in School. There is power in the Gospel. Hovi K. Enyonam came from Hosanna Prayer Center. He remains a prospect of eleven students.

BVBI Starts a School Farm
On the October 15 and 16, the Bear Valley Bible Institute in Kpalime, Togo was blessed with the presence of Ebenezer Udofia from Healing Hands International. He was the facilitator 

in a two day workshop organized for BVBI students, past and present selected church members members, government officials from the ministry of Agriculture, and some farmers from the Kpalime area. We had over seventy participants during the workshop. 

The objective of the work shop dubbed, “FOOD SECURITY WORKSHOP,” is to assist participants in new ways of producing food for their family and neighbors and sell what they cannot use to support families financially. 

Some of the topics discussed included: preparing compost manure, raising beds for planting, drip irrigation, and farm management techniques. 

Ebenezer demonstrated how the irrigation kit works. Participants were fed with lunch each day. Activities during the workshop included: devotion each morning, a couple of hours in a class session, and then practicals on the BVBI land, etc. On the final day we planted six different vegetables on the raised beds. 

This workshop marks the beginning of what has become the BVBI school farm. Each of the students will have a raised bed and grow their choice of vegetable on it. They will manage that bed for the period they will be in school. The students will use some of the crops grown and the rest will be sold to the public. 

Chariot Mission is Making Impact: 15 Baptisms Recorded in October. 
Efforts with the Chariot over the months are yielding great results now. A lot of people we approached with the gospel are making the decision to follow Christ. It may interest you to know that people are now coming to ask us to baptize them. We have some who made contacts through our resource center where we give out tracts and conduct Bible studies. Others are calling preachers on the phone and a lot more are visiting on Sundays. 

In order to facilitate baptism, we have constructed a baptistery on campus so that we can have easy access to water at all times. This accounts for several baptisms in October. 

Ladies of Nyiveme Church of Christ Meet
The Nyiveme Church of Christ has remained the largest congregation of the Lord’s Church in Kpalime. The ladies are more organized and are contributing to the growth of the church in Kpalime area. They meet quite often to discuss pertinent issues concerning the church. They sometimes organize visitation programs and personal work. 

Willie Gley

Posted on December 6, 2015 .