Master's Degree Program (MBS)

Frequently Asked Questions...and answers!

#1 – What courses should I take first? 
It is required that you take the Introduction to Graduate Studies (#500) course first. This course has a video that you need to watch and take notes on. This video will explain a number of important items regarding the entire Master’s program.

#2 – How long do I have to complete the courses? 
Each In-Ministry course has a 90-day time limit, beginning the day the student receives the syllabus. The 90-day limit for Blitz Week courses begins at the end of the Blitz Week unless otherwise stipulated by the professor.

#3 – Is there housing and transportation provided when I come to Denver? 
We will pick you up at the airport if you notify us in advance of your travel schedule. Because of the number of students coming in, it is not always possible to provide housing. A list of available nearby hotels can be obtained by calling the office (303-986-5800). However, if the hotel costs provide a financial hardship, we will try to find a family that would be willing to house you for the Blitz Week.

#4 – Can I transfer in hours? 
If you have accredited master's level hours, submit an approved transcript to the Dean of Graduate Studies. He will determine what credits will transfer in (maximum of 12 hours).

#5 – What if my Bachelor’s Degree was not in Bible or a ministry field? 
Only those with a Bachelor’s Degree in Bible or Bible-related fields are eligible to enter our graduate program. However, a student with a degree in other fields may take fifteen (15) leveling hours (designated by the Bear Valley Bible Institute) to qualify.

#6 – What if I am not a member of the church of Christ? 
The Bear Valley Bible Institute is a work of the Bear Valley church of Christ, and is intended for faithful members of the churches of Christ.

#7– Is this program accredited?
This master’s program is not nationally accredited.  It is approved, however, by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education.  In addition, there are a number of colleges and universities that accept credit hours from this master’s degree program.   We have an agreement with Amridge University ( in which 39 credit hours will transfer into their Master of Divinity program.  Our master’s degree is a ministry degree that demonstrates that the student has achieved a high level of academic training.

#8– How do I access the curriculum?
Once a student has been accepted into the program, he may then access the entire curriculum for review at the Curriculum page. When he is ready to begin a class he may register for that class on the Course Registration page. IMPORTANT NOTE: The first course that must be taken is the Introduction to Graduate Studies course.

#9– Are the funds I send refundable?
The application fee is non-refundable. All tuition funds are refundable for the first thirty (30) days of the 90-day limit for the course. After thirty (30) days, the tuition for a course becomes non-refundable.