Master's Curriculum

Master of Biblical Studies and Master of Theological Studies

500 - Introduction to Graduate Studies - Donnie Bates (MBS) (2 credit hours) This course will introduce the student to graduate level studies and research. This course will form the foundation for the additional coursework in our Masters Program and must be completed before any additional courses can be taken. 

501 - Advanced Hermeneutics - Dr. Denny Petrillo (Ph.D.) (3 credit hours) This course is designed to address the complexities of Biblical Interpretation and to provide a solid hermeneutical methodology. (Blitz Week)

503 - Romans - (Under construction) (3 credit hours)  (Blitz Week)

505 - Biblical Counseling - Dr. Jerry Martin (Ph.D.) (3 credit hours) This course is designed to provide basic training for preachers, church leaders, Bible class teachers, and any concerned Christian who is interested in knowing how to provide emotional assistance in a spiritual context. An overview of the different levels of counseling and the kind of person that is capable of providing counseling at each of those levels will be outlined. Specific texts will be assigned and will be expected to be read before class begins. (Blitz Week)

507 - Advanced Apologetics - Bart Warren (M.Div.) (3 credit hours) In order to defend his faith, the Christian must have a thorough knowledge of his own faith. In order to defend his faith, the Christian must also have a working knowledge of his opponent's claims and/or beliefs. This course is designed to help equip the serious Bible student to be able to meet the challenges and arguments posited by atheists, agnostics, or skeptics in general. This will be done through reading, reporting, research, and written assignments.

508 - Church Growth and Evangelism - Donnie Bates (MBS) (3 credit hours) This course is designed to be an in-depth study of church growth and evangelism. Emphasis will be given to understanding various evangelistic methods, motivating, and equipping congregations, as well as, formulating a plan to grow the Lord's kingdom in a particular area.

509 - The Gospel of John - Dr. David Lipe (Ph.D.) (3 credit hours) The major introductory questions to the Gospel of John will be discussed. The course will focus on an in-depth study of key passages. Applications for the twenty-first century minister will be emphasized. (Blitz Week)

510 - Old Testament Theology - Andy Erwin (M.Div.) (3 credit hours) (Under Construction)

512 - Restoration History - Donnie Bates (MBS) (3 credit hours) While in one sense the restoration of the church is still taking place, this course is a study of the early Restoration Movement in America. Studies will concentrate on key figures, events, and teachings of the Restoration Movement from the early 1800s through the early 1900s.

513 - Biblical Ethics - Bart Warren (M.Div.) (3 credit hours) This course is a study of of contemporary theories in philosophical ethics with an emphasis on biblical applications to current problems in values.

514 - Postmodernism in the Church - Dr. David Lipe (Ph.D.) (3 credit hours) This course is a study of developments moving toward the embrace of postmodernism by some among churches of Christ; the major components of this philosophical-religious stance; careful study of leading books embracing postmodernism within our brotherhood; evaluation and critique of these views. (Blitz Week)

516 - Revelation (Under Construction)  (Blitz Week)

519 - Joshua, Judges, Ruth - Dr. Jerry Martin (Ph.D.) (3 credit hours) This course is designed to provide an opportunity for the student to gain deeper knowledge of, and greater insight from, the study of a specific time in the history of God's chosen people, Israel. This course will provide an overview of the Israelites' triumphant conquest of the "Promised Land," the repetition of their "godless" failures, and insight into the purity of individuals' personal lives going on behind the scenes. (Blitz Week)

522 - The Gospel of Matthew - Wesley Walker (M.Div.) (3 credit hours) The Gospel of Matthew focuses on Jesus as the Rightful King. Matthew’s goal is to establish Jesus’ kingly credentials, the nature of the Kingdom of God, and how we live as Kingdom subjects. The course will explore Matthew’s development of these themes and aid students in using this material in their teaching roles in the local church.

523 - Advanced Greek - Dr. Denny Petrillo (Ph.D.) (3 credit hours) (Under Construction)

525 - New Testament Theology - Andy Erwin (M.Div.) (3 credit hours) (Under Construction)

600 - Introduction to Missions - Dr. Roger Shepherd (D.Miss.) (2 credit hours) This course is designed to deal with an introduction to the biblical origins, history, and techniques of cross-cultural missions and evangelism, with attention given to contemporary issues of missiology.

601 - Field Work - (12 credit hours) The fieldwork of the Master's in Missions degree is one full year at a specific location where Bear Valley is involved in training men to preach. The 12 hours received through this part of the program will include the following requirements:

  1. A minimum 20-page paper describing the adjustment into a foreign culture.

    • What was experienced?

    • How was it handled?

    • Describe the impact on the family.

  2. Involvement in local evangelism within the church.

    • Activities will be listed for daily involvement for 2 months.

    • These activities will involve implementation of plans for evangelism and congregational involvement in these efforts.

  3. Working within the extension school.

    • This assignment will involve the necessary preparation and teaching of one of the courses in the extension program (determined by the director of the location).

    • The assignment also includes involvement with the staff and student body.

  4. Administration development.

    • Specific areas will be assigned by the director to be completed within the administrative responsibilities of the work.

    • Development of leadership will be monitored and reported by the director at the specific location.

  5. Adjustments to the PERT chart in strategies for evangelism.

    • This assignment involves a re-evaluation of the original PERT chart for the work.

    • Included should be information involving what has been learned during the time at the extension school and changes that should be made to improve the strategies for evangelism.

602 - Cross-Cultural Missions - Dr. Roger Shepherd (D.Miss.)  (3 credit hours) This course is designed as an in-depth study presenting the principles and techniques of cross-cultural evangelism from the book of Acts. This course involves a study of communication models used in the mission field. It will take a close look at the mission methods of the apostle Paul.

604 - Missionary Issues - Donnie Bates (MBS)  (3 credit hours) This course is designed to help the student anticipate issues and potential problems that typically arise on the mission field. 

605 - Advanced Missions Leadership - Chad Wagoner (M.Div.)  (3 credit hours) This course will enable the student to develop personal, individual leadership skills and learn how to apply those skills in a mission environment. Emphasis will be placed on leadership development (both personal and missional), mission leadership with the BVBI Extension School concept, and developing leadership within indigenous Christian populations.

606 - Introducing Cultural Anthropology - Dave Chamberlin (MBS)  (3 credit hours)This course will examine the use of cultural anthropology as the description, interpretation, and analysis of similarities and differences in human cultures. This study is designed to focus on an anthropological perspective that will enhance the work of the missionary in the field by understanding the methods and concepts of the discipline. The basic study of Anthropology should better equip the missionary in matters of evangelism, social action, church life, and the role of culture in one's own understanding of the gospel message.