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15 more souls baptized in northern Ghana




We again thank God for His favor shown on us to witness the end of yet another month. We wish to express our appreciation for the good work you continue to offer to us as brothers in the Lord. May God increase you in every aspect of life to enable you finish or achieve your ambition.


The classes for the second term are  ongoing, Brothers Acquah Beenyi Kojo for The New Testament Church 1 and Ayillah Roger Akumse for Old Testament 2 {Historical books Joshua-Esther  and The Life of Christ 1 is in session with Brother Albert Malir remaining two more courses {Godhead & Homiletic 1} to end the term.


As part of the activities scheduled for the second term is a campaign at Bongo. Bongo is the capital town of Bongo District, one of the nine (9) districts in the Upper East of northern Ghana. Bongo is nearer to Bolgatanga, the capital of Upper East Region. It shares borders with Kassena-Nankana District in the West and the Bolgatanga Municipal District in the South.

Bongo is a rocky area, the Bongo rocks is a  tourism site, which provides a beautiful view of all the Bongo districts landscape and allow an easy ascent. The predominant occupation in Bongo district is subsistence farming along with some handicraft production. Nearly 90 percent of the district’s inhabitants speak Gurene/Frafra.

As a result, on the 29th day of July, 2019 the entire students’ body under the leadership of James Legend moved to Bongo where they stayed and evangelized for seven (7) days. Brother James led the team because the brother in charge of campaigns (Preacher Francis Ayine) had a car accident on the 22nd of July, 2019.

There were about fifteen (15) souls that were added to the Church through baptism. These were people we preached to from all the four (4) communities in and around Bongo. These fifteen people include the chief of a village called Agamolgo.


We remain committed to the course of advertising and elevating the image of the college in Tamale higher to attract the attention of the prospects. Sixteen students are currently in school and more prospects are calling for the admissions that are not members of the Church. We are communicating tediously to convert them before we offer them the admission as the doctrine of the Church is concern. Some members who are government workers are also calling for part time course implementation to enable them also have the benefits. We need your prayer and discretion on these matters.

We are working diligently on the impending workshop for the Sunday School teachers and seminar for the preachers and positive responses from participants are realized and we have done our best to inform them the order of the programs. We can now ascertain the fact that the programs will be a fruitful one.


The wall work on the Church plot was perfectly done to the level of four blocks on two sides and other side three blocks. We are very happy about it because now we can claim full ownership of the plot as that have stopped the land being used as road.  We pray that you continue to assist us in such ventures like this to expand the work of the Church in this part of the country-Ghana.

God keeps us all safe in all we do amen!

Your steward in Christ

Albert Malir Tamanja

Posted on August 13, 2019 .

Classes resume in Tamale




We are more excited for the good and perfect work God continue to do for us in this ministry in which we are proud to be part or members of life saving or transforming. In that, we remain committed to thanking and appreciating you for your faithfulness and consistent support. We shall carefully and consciously manage whatever is kept in our custody as a faithful steward of Christ.


The school has reopened on April, 8th 2019, as indicated in the last month report. Fourteen students happily reported to start the academic work that would thoroughly equip them for every good work into saving souls. It is our prayer and hope that the remaining prospective brethren who have also picked the admission forms and submitted them will possibly make it next term as we have assurances from some of them. Nothing should hinder them to denounce their conviction in Christ. That is our plea to you to pray with us.


The first week, Brother James Legend treated Hermeneutics 1 with the students. This course was successfully taught and students examined with performance encouraging. Second week, Brother Adjei Mensah Daniel took students through “The Scheme of redemption”, this course too was fairly treated as well and test conducted respectively and students performed wonderfully. Third week, personal evangelism 1 was also handled by Brother James Legend.

There was an intensive teaching and learning for three days in class room and three days for one on-one Personal Evangelism, Students were monitored by the instructor as to how to approach their prospects, one sister Evelyn from Volta region who when she migrated to Tamale became a member of one the denominations was restored and has since be active. Although there was no positive response as a result of Tamale being the Islamic community or dominants, but some prospects were figured out and we dedicated some students to constantly visit them so that with the support of your prayer and our prayer God will choose His people for us.

Fourth week, “How we got the Bible” was also treated by Brother Albert Malir with the students, class work and final exams was conducted and students performance improving. Fifth week, “TheOld Testament 1” was handled by Brother Francis Ayine , there was that kind of inculcating teaching  and learning between instructor and students with Students performance after exams satisfied. The last course which was “The Cost of discipleship” for the term was also dealt with by coordinator of Bear Valley Bible Institute in Ghana Kojo Beenyi Acquah. Class work and final exams was conducted respectively and students performance improved. We pray for the successful end of the term and also happy to announce to you that students are going on 17th 05, 2019 to visit their congregations and families and also do their farming work as this season is favorable for planting. The school will be reopened in July 14th, 2019. It is our prayer and hope that God will help us all to live to see these faithful days as we geared toward the activities of the year {seminar, campaign & graduation}.


We are working collaboratively with the students, coordinator, short course instructors, board members and all members of the Church to make the school conducive and philanthropic for all humankind who wish to know the truth about Jesus Christ and His Church. The school campus, baths and latrines are tidying every day. Part of the school land is cultivated with yam and the remaining part would be used to cultivate maize, generally school environment is decent for one to behold. Transition is made successfully, the other class room by the school office is used for Dinning hall, and Brother Albert’s wife Afia Modesta is the cook, we are making progress in all administration activities. The church blocks that are molded in the school campus are conveyed to the church plot bit by bit by the students and we are happy for that, these students are hard-working, well behaved to be leaders of the Lord’s church. We have extended water to where the food is cooked to lessen the work load on the cook.

We went to Ghana Revenue Authority to secure Tax Clearance certificate {Tin} to enable us obtain the school and church land document completion and we were told to apply which we did and waiting for their response. When this {Tin} certificate is ready we shall forward it to the lands commission for further documentation.

May the peace and joy of God rest upon us all amen!

Posted on May 27, 2019 .

A new class of students in Tamale



Glory be to God for the successful operation of yet another two year studies for our beloved brothers who have dedicated themselves to the course of His work in the northern Ghana. We enthusiastically rejoiced with them for the perfect love and grace of God He bestowed on us through His son Jesus to witness yet another completion.

We are at this time want to express our appreciation for your perpetual prayer and support, we cannot reckon or enumerate the indisputable works you have done in Africa, either can we recompense your kind or cash but what we do have is that May God who has dominion over all things remunerate you for your faithfulness.


Our 6th butch of students were able to finish the remaining four courses for their two year studies in school. Brothers Albert Malir treated the book of Revelation in the first week with students, James Legend treated English four with students, Francis Ayine treated 1st & 2nd Thessalonians with students and Adjei Mensah treated marriage and home and all tests and exams conducted respectively. Hence, they have finished their two- year school.


Cleaning up exercise took place on Saturday the 30th March, 2019 and farewell service held on 31st March, 2019. It was a ceremony done to usher them into the world of preaching what they been taught and done during the two years of being in school. The students have since departed and have all reached home safely to carry on with their farming activities alongside the preaching work until the graduation day


Next butch of students being sixth {6th} will have reported to school on 7th of April, 2019 and classes in progress. Over twenty students supposed to have reported for next academic year 2019, but thirteen have reported so far. There are more assurances from most of the students, until one week after reporting we may not be able to give a precise number.


We visited THE lands commission with the coordinator Kojo Beenyi Acquah to check on school / church land documentation process. The document was given to us to send to court for court registration and their seal as part of documentation. We did, sent it back to lands commission, and they assured us that the document would be completed shortly. They however, told us to get the Tax clearance certificate ready.

May the unconditional love of Christ richly dwell among us all now and forever.


We embarked on our first visitation and campaign for students for the incoming academic year in the Upper East, Upper West and some part of the Northern Region on the 4th of March to the 10th  of March, 2019. Our journey was through Bolga, to Navrongo, Sandema, Tumu, to Heing, Wa, Ponyentang, Nyoli, Through to Bole, Damongo, Back to Tamale.

The journey was embarked by James Bisong Legend and Jacob Awintoya, a past student of the school who now preaches for the Sunbrungu congregation in the Upper East Region. It was a very inspiring journey that gave us the opportunity to meet several preachers in these locations above.

I left Tamale around two pm on the 4th (Monday) of March, 2019 to meet Preacher Jacob in Bolga. I arrived at Bolga at exactly 4:12pm. We rested and drew our plan for action.

We had a very busy day on the 5th, Our first call was to Preacher Rodger Ayila, of the Bolga Central, who happens to be a board member for the school. We had a brief meeting with him and he promised to advertise the school to his congregation. We went to Sunbrungu congregation which happens to be Jacob’s local congregation where we interacted with some youth and also booked an appointment to meet them on the following day which is one of their weekly meeting days.

From Sunbrungu, we passed through Navrongo to Sandema where we visited Elijah, one of the passed students of the first butch. We met him with some leaders of the Sandema congregation and had fruitful discussions with them. They took four forms and promised to also persuade some youth who are in the church leadership and have the desire of working for the Lord to take up that responsibility.  They also advised us to make it a point to visit them time to time as other Bible schools have been coming to them; they also urged us to participate in their Bible Camps. Brother Elijah also led us to other congregations around Sandema locality. There are four congregation; Sandema town, Wiaga Central, Farinsa, and Sinisi congregations, with only one trained preacher in the person of Elijah.

From Sandema, we came back to Navrongo where we met the Navrongo preacher, Brother Peter, a health worker. Brother Peter was very zealous to come to the Bible College but, was constrained by his work as a married man with a child. Brother Peter wished for a weekend course even if it’s going to be in Tamale, he could come. It was there some contacts were made to other congregations like, Paga and other places and we had seventeen people who came to meet us and were ready for a weekend course. Since when we left Navrongo, Brother Peter kept calling on us on the possibilities of the weekend course for Navrongo or the Upper East Region. Some six forms were also given to them as we ended our activities for the day. We came back to lodge at Bolga.

On the 6th morning, we visited Tongo congregation as we have informed their preacher, Rockson to prepare to meet us. Brother Rockson also happens to be a product of the school. We met him with some of his leaders and youth and told them our mission and they also welcomed the idea and promised to pass the information to other congregations nearby. They have six congregations around Tongo locality with only Brother Rockson as the only trained preacher. They also took two forms. From Tongo on the same 6th, we contacted Isaac Ayamga from Shirigu and also went back to Sunbrungu in the evening and met with their congregation, where Jacob spoke extensively with them and also encouraged them to take up the opportunity. We had three people who were willing to come but said; the time was very limited for them to prepare themselves in terms of caring for their family whiles in school. However, we gave some four forms to them. We therefore brought our meeting to end and we lodged to Bolgatanga again.

On the 7th of March 2019, the Navrongo brethren called on us to meet them before moving on to Upper West Region as we scheduled to move to Upper West. We met them briefly to have another successful discussion on the possibility of a weekend classes for them. This time, there were brethren from Paga, who also put in their voice. From there, we moved to Tumu straight, which is about 124kilometers, about 77miles, on a very bad road. We stopped at some villages anyway, enquiring of the possibilities of the Church around, to no avail. We got to Tumu late in the evening, where we met Preacher Anthony Antunwini, preacher for Tumu congregation, who is also a Board member of. We passed the night there, where he gave us information about a seminar coming on where the Upper West preachers and leaders were to attend on the 9th of March, 2019. We added that to our program.

We left Tumu on the 8th of March, 2019 for Wa. We got to Wa around 11am. We decided to go to neighboring communities where there are Churches, whiles putting Wa town congregation on a hold because of the leadership seminar coming up on the 9th. We went to the University of Development Studies congregation around Bamaaho, where we met some brothers and had a discussion with them, they had no train preacher. From there, we moved to Ponyentang and had successful discussion with them and they needed four trained preachers, one for them and the rest for other communities around them that they have established congregations. Preacher Albert Akoa Adjei, who happens to be an old preacher around that area, who was part of the meeting. He is the only preacher helping all these churches around that area, They took six forms from us.

 From there, we went to Nyoli and had another successful meeting with them, proceeded to Gyidabor and Kolmasah as well. All these congregations don’t have preachers and promised to encourage young men who have the interest to take up the opportunity. From there, we lodged at Tuna. We had fuel shortage at this stage and called on our able Coordinator (Kojo), who was quick to come in to help us through our administrator (Albert).

On the 9th, our major program went towards the preachers Seminar at Wa. We left Tuna around 5am to go and participate on that program to make good use of it. It was well attended, the Auditorium full to capacity. Two of our board members were present (Preacher Anthony Atunmini and Thomas Donzie). The program started around 8:48am. We were given the opportunity to meet with the preachers at noon around 1pm to discuss our agenda with them. They were happy after our presentation and asked some few questions, which we did answered. 22 forms were taken by some of the preachers who pledged to announce to their congregants. That ended our program for the day.

On the 10th of March, being the first day of the week, we went to worship with the Bole congregation, where preacher Ali is the preacher. We left there around 11:18am, and drove straight to Tamale around 3pm.

Posted on April 23, 2019 .

A great start to the year in Tamale


We shall forever be committed to the course we are charged to keep in order to propagate the gospel. For we are grateful to God for His faithfulness to the promise He made to us as His adopted children. For He had warranted us a favor by given us yet another year to work in His vineyard for growth and survival of His kingdom, the Church. As matter of fact we sincerely appreciate you for the wholehearted and bold decision you have taken to support Bear valley Bible Institute in Tamale. May God richly replenish you in all your daily activities both spiritually and physically for your continual love for the Lord’s work, May He also expand and enrich your source of income to enable you meet your target this year 2019.


As indicated in last year report, all the students had a successful new year celebration with their families and Church members and are back to school to carry on their academic  work, and so far three courses have been treated with brothers, Ascraft Steven, Albert Malir and James Legend leaving two more courses to be treated. We wish to end this term too successfully in next two weeks.


Our effort in campaign for students has yielded positive results, nineteen students successfully interviewed and more applicants yet to come for interview. It is our prayer and hope that these prospective students will stick to the decision they have made and report to school on 8th April 2019 academic year to commence classes as we keep on preparing towards that.

May the grace and peace of God rest upon you all in Jesus name Amen!!

From the staff and administration of Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies


Posted on February 18, 2019 .

Big campaign in Tamale


Help us shout hallelujah to the glory of our heavenly father for how far He has brought us to yet another new year. Not all who have had this opportunity to see this year but we are the living testimony to attest to the fact that God is our refuge and salvation Amen!

We shall never forget to say thanks for your consistent support and prayer for the survival of Bear Valley Bible Institute in Tamale, for we have nothing to offer you than to say; may God replenish you all for your generosity for His work in West Africa. 


The term has come to an end successful and the students have gone home for four weeks to visit their families and the church and also to the spend New Year with them. They also use this period to harvest their farms produces and other activities like building and farm land preparation. God’s willing the school will be reopened on 13th January 2019 and we wish all these students happy and prosperous New Year and safe journey back to school.


We are keeping no stone unturned on campaign for students, still thirteen students submitted their application forms and are waiting for interview, and three more forms assured to be submitted when students report to school in January. 


The school embarked on a seven days (one week) campaign for students for the 2018, 2019 academic year on December. Preacher Francis Ayine, Preacher Alex Jabado and Brother James Legend embarked on the journey. This campaign took place on the 17th to 23 December, 2018.

Preacher Ayine who preaches for the Accra Road Church of Christ arrived at the Bear Valley Bible Institute, Tamale campus around 5 am on the 17th of December. We set off the same day  and visited one brother shortly at Nyankpani congregation and took off to Saboba.


We salute you all and wish you happy and prosperous New Year. It is our prayer and hope that God keeps you healthy and strong in 2019 so that you can achieve your goals, happy New Year to you all in Jesus name Amen!!

Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies

Posted on January 15, 2019 .

Back in class in Tamale

We are more excited this time to shout to the glory of almighty God for how far He has brought us to the door step of next year, may He remain the source of our health and prosperity. We indeed appreciate you for your consistent attention or financial support and prayer to the need of Bear valley Bible Institute in Tamale for its survival and growth.


As reported last term, fifteen students happily reported remaining still three students who have already done the courses in session this term. So far three courses (11 Corinth. Godhead and Christian evidence) have been treated by brothers Albert Malir and Daniel Adjei remaining two courses (gospel according to John and denominational doctrine) to be handled by brother James Legend in the next two weeks. Students will go for break on 14th December 2018


Administratively we are making progress in the management of school activities as well as the Church, we are also determine to working to attain the specific number in the enrollment  as campaign for students is concerned. Meanwhile, thirteen applicants have submitted their admission forms and we wish to visit some of the places where the admission forms have not reached so that they can also have access to the forms.

However, we are putting things in order as the year gears towards ending so that what we need to do for next year regarding admission and graduation is achieved now and we know that we may not be able to do all this alone without your support and prayer.


We express our profound gratitude to you all for putting smile on our faces. May the goodness and mercies of God grant you long life and new opportunities. We wish you happy and prosperous new year see you next year in your quantity and quality Amen!!

Your brothers,                                     


Tamale, Ghana

Posted on December 18, 2018 .

A good harvest in Tamale



We once again thank almighty God for His protection and guidance throughout the term. For we know that we won’t be able to make it this far without your prayer and support, may the good Lord replenish you all for your brotherly concern for His work in Tamale, Ghana.

                                                    STUDENTS ON VACATION

Here comes yet another successful end of the term (seventh term). All the students went back home for three weeks break to visit their families and churches so they can keep their members active in the church activities and also attend to their farming activities. The students will be coming back on November 11th 2018 to continue their academic activities and it’s our prayer and hope that God keep all of them safe in their daily activities while they are away from school.


The last two courses for the last term were prison epistles and Hermeneutics and were dealt with by brothers Adjei Mensah and James Legend. Class work and all exams conducted and students’ performance were encouraging.

                                                     ADMINISTRATIVE WORK

We are working closely to improve the image of the school in Tamale, our efforts concerning new recruitment for next academic year has yielded positive results.  Twelve legitimate prospective students have submitted their admission forms and we want to believe that we shall obtain require target of twenty students for the school for next academic year 2019.


Church of Christ women in the three northern regions conducted marriage seminar and it was held at Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies facilities from 25th October 2018- 28th October 2018.

The participants arrived on 25th October 2018 and on that same day evening the program opened with songs and prayers and introduction was also made, and the next day Friday was used for fasting and prayers alongside with teaching. There was an intensive teaching and learning the next day and even in the night and series of questions concerning marriage were asked and properly addressed.

The fourth day Sunday was a fantastic Lord’s Day: East, West and T poly Churches of Christ attended and worshipped at Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies. Brother Nipak Laar from Saboba led in Bible studies, brother Andrews from Yendi led in sermon and brother Dasah from Tamale East Church of Christ led in the Lord Supper and giving. Attendance was three hundred and fifty six (356) and the giving was one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight Ghana cedis (¢1968.00) about $410.00

All the participants departed to their various homes after the worship except those from Kumasi and Accra who left the next day and have all arrived home safely.

                                        SCHOOL FARM

The school farm (maize) has been harvested and threshed, and God has blessed us with ten bags (10) of maize. The Thresher man took one bag as workmanship and one bag also shared among staff, security and students and left with eight bags (8).

From the staff in Tamale, Ghana

Posted on November 24, 2018 .

Classes resume in Tamale, Ghana

Tamale 1.jpg



We again appreciate and acknowledge your consistent support for Bear Valley Bible Institute in Tamale for its survival and growth.

It is our prayer and hope that the good Lord continues to make a better way of living for you all and sundry, may He also cause your daily activities to flourish to enable you to accomplish the good works you have initiated in West Africa some years back until now.


As we last reported, the school has reopened on 16th September 2018, and fifteen students gladly and safely reported leaving three students, with the exception of one student who is yet to report the remaining two students had treated the courses that are in session this term according to them and our records.


Lectures are ongoing successfully with three courses been treated by brother Albert Malir, Alhassan Musah, and Kojo Acquah Beenyi and the next course which is prison epistles is in progress with brother Adjei Mensah and we wish that by the grace of God the remaining one course for the term would be dealt with.


Collectively, we are managing and ensuring that things work together for good for the progress of the Lord’s work in Tamale school and the Church.

However, over twenty admission forms had been distributed to some willing and prospective brothers who yielded a desire to attend the college. Six Applicants had filled their forms and submitted them, and we hope that with your support and prayer we shall be visiting some of the graduated students alongside with the admission forms to encourage some of these prospects who are willing or have the desire to undergo this training to also have access to the forms.

May the grace and mercies of God be upon you all from now and forever. Amen!!! 

Submitted by the administration of BVBI-Tamale

Posted on October 16, 2018 .

Successful campaign in northern Ghana

The renewed mercies of God Almighty have seen us through the month of August 2018 successfully. We are grateful to Him for your life. We continue to thank you for your sacrificial efforts in helping us “Bear Valley Tamale” run our activities effectively. We pray the blessings of our Lord Jesus be with you now and forever.


The sixth term has successfully come to an end. Students are currently on break. All things went perfectly as scheduled for the term. All courses have been treated. Students went on break on the 27th of August, 2018. They will be returning on 16th of September, 2018.


Our termly Gospel campaign took place at Kparibontaabo, under Zabzugu-Tatali district after Yendi. We arrived there on the 14th August, 2018, around 2pm. On the first day as we needed to organize ourselves and report to the custodians of the land and the necessary authorities (Tindaana and the Chief).

Kpaibontaabo has a five year old congregation established by the congregation in Tatali. It was necessary for us to divert our campaign there in order to restore that congregation. Preacher Samuel Kolinba, who graduated from Bear Valley Tamale, who is a preacher for Bikpajab congregation, a community nearby, doubles to overseer that of Kaparibontaabo.

Kparibontaabo congregation almost collapsed when a claimed prophet, Emmanuel, popularly called, “Odiifuo Blackey” (Black prophet) opened a prayer camp at the community and is performing magic (claimed to be miracles), and drew away almost all the members including leaders of the Church. Our presence was a timely one, and a successful restoration of the congregation.

All students (18) were part of the campaign team, led by Preacher Ayini, Alex and James. Preachers from Zabzugu, Tatali and neighboring villages and some brethren also joint us. On the 15th, we did a house to house evangelism in the morning till afternoon, followed by the public preaching in the evening. Preacher Ayini of Accra Road congregation preached on sin and its consequences. We had no questions asked. Attendance was great. We however had no baptism in both first and second days.

Door to door evangelism continued on the 3rd day as usual, morning till noon (16th August, 2018). All praises to God, we had eight (8) Baptisms during the door to door studies. We equally ended our activities for the day in the evening with teachings on the plan of salvation, taught by Brother James of Bear Valley Tamale staff.

On the 5th day (17th August, 2018), our popularity had taken over the whole community as we continued the house to house studies, as many were confirming we came with the truth. However, many said we came late to them, and it was hard for them to denounce their denomination to join the true church. Odiifuo Blackey (Black prophet), came to our camp, and told us, we were baptizing his members, and at that point some three people were ready for baptism, which he forcedly stopped us from baptizing them. However, we had seven baptisms.  We rounded up the day with the evening studies, which was led by preacher Ayeni. He taught worship of the church. The place almost turned upside down, as questions were thrown here and there. Women challenging why they can’t lead in church, others were fighting why instruments are not permitted to be used during worship. Countless questions were asked. Commendably, our leader (preacher Ayeni) did very well. Most questioned were asked with anger, but answers were properly given to calm them. At the end, the preacher for E.P Church came for the microphone and attested that, he believe all what we were teaching was the truth, and all should listen to us. Glory to God alone.

On the Sunday early in the morning, a young lady also came and requested for baptism, and was baptized. We ended our campaign that Sunday (18th August, 2018). Worship began at 8:30am with devotion (singing and prayers) till9:00am. At 9am, we divided ourselves into two classes, where we combined the visitors and the new converts in one class for basic teachings and the rest for the adult’s class. Preacher Thomas from the Tatali congregation taught the new converts and visitors class, whiles brother Samson Bisigma, the students leader for Bear valley Tamale taught the adults class. We all came together to continue worship around 10am. Eric Bintim (Student BVBIT) led songs, Vifa Benard read the Bible (BVBIT), Preaher Ayeni gave the sermon, and the Lord Supper was led by Samuel Saakuu, assisted by Shei Labueri David and Neina Alex (all students of BVBIT). Fifteen out of the sixteen baptized came for the Sunday worship. Attendance was 108. 46 of them were males, 32 females and 40 children.

Indeed, we had a very fruitful and successful campaign. The school was not forgotten, campaigning for new students was prioritized every day after the evening teachings. Preachers who desire to come to the school took some forms and their records are kept for follow up. The campaign was very committed and participatory as they were taken through a routine lectures every morning after devotion before field work. It was a nice and fantastic experience. The church had eleven members before our visit who were not worshipping every Sunday due to leadership challenges as well as Odiifuo Blackey’s deception and other denominations. A week after our visit (26th August, 2018), attendance was forty (40) from our follow up calls. There is certainly hope for this congregation.

Meeting with the few leaders of the congregation before we left, their major challenge was iron sheet and some woods to put up a meeting place. The congregation meets under a tree to worship due to some challenges they had with the Roma Catholic Church who was sharing a school block with them. We humbly appeal for your support in this line if possible to assist them get a meeting place, in order for your sacrifice and our efforts to be more fruitful. We as well believe, if possible, time to time visitations by the school to this congregation and many others, to strengthen them could also be a good idea of maintaining them. We as well wish and believe in the near future, our students should be in charge of most of these congregations if not all possibly. We appreciate for helping able to take the students into field to demonstrate what they have learned in class in pragmatic way. We pray God increase your source to increase our campaign support. We had some few challenges financially when we were in the field. We appreciate so much our able coordinator (Brother Kojo Aquah Beenyi) for his wise counsel, before, during and after the campaign. He was very instrumental. Preacher Ayeni, Alex and the team all were very sacrificial when things were turf in the field. All in All, God showed us mercy, and gave us the victory.


We remain committed in doing our best in the interest of the school and its growth. Now that school is on recession, much emphasis will be placed on advertising for new students, continues studies to build the local church, and the documents for the school land and that of the worship site. 


We have submitted the documents that the land commission requested, which you sent to us to them, remaining only the tax clearance certificate. Follow up visits have also been done, and we are still awaiting results from them.

Posted on September 6, 2018 .

Continued improvement in Tamale

The month of June is over; we continue to praise God for your life, that of the students and that of the School. We blessed Him for your consistent sacrifice and service in projecting the course of Christ in Northern Ghana.

STUDENTS ARE BACK TO SCHOOL. All students are back to school with the exception of two, who are expected to join us hopefully next week. School activities are ongoing effectively. Currently we are teaching Old Testament IV.

EVANGELISM AND VISITATION We have step up our visitation and evangelism activities in the view of making the local church in Kpalsi vibrant and effective. Saturdays are set aside purposely for door to door evangelism within Kpalsi neighborhood and other areas around the school. We are hopeful to make some baptisms so that, worship continues even when students are on holidays.

We have started working on new recruits for next academic year through visitations and anywhere we go. So far, seven people have shown interest in coming for the next school year.  We pray and hope to work hard to increase the number and the quality of students in the coming year. With the help of God and your efforts, we believe we can all work together to train many preachers for the work of Christ in Northern Ghana and the World globally. We are planning and praying of having the school calendar to starts in January so that the school year will end in December in two years.

A major Gospel Campaign is to take place in August in two villages in a week long program.

SCHOOL/CHURCH LANDS It has been a long and frustrating time for us working on getting the school and the church lands registered. Surveyors from the land commission have visited and surveyed both the school and the worship sites twice this month. It is at the final stage now and hopefully we will get the final documentation ‘soon’.

GOAT/SHEEP SUPPORT Brother George Talafor was our next beneficiary of the preachers goat/sheep support this month. Brother George is one of the first batch students, and a preacher of Sibi in the Volta Region. He was grateful and appreciative for the initiative and to the sponsors as well. He received the sum of four hundred Ghana Cedis (Gh¢ 400.00). This is to help support preachers as they labor for the Lord in the villages. Many of our past students are asking for this help and as this is $100 per preacher support, we pray that help will flow to help these village and poor preachers to make a living.

PILLAR/WALL Maintenance of the school buildings and properties are on-going as funds are available. The cracked wall on the staff quarters has been fixed. There are some works to be done on the car and also on the fence wall.

Thanks for your support and may the Good Lord richly bless you.

Albert and James.


Posted on July 17, 2018 .

Wisely using time in Tamale

We are grateful to God for the month of May 2018. Thanks to God for your consistent blessing and support for the Bear Valley Bible Institute, Tamale, Ghana.


The students are still on vacation and are expected to be back on July 1st, 2018. Information from our contacts to them is encouraging as they are focusing on their farming activities and ministerial work effectively.


We visited the High Schools in and around Bimbilla and Tamale and had some discussion with the members of the church in the schools and they were so excited to meet us and wish we could establish weekend classes for them. The schools we visited are Bimbilla Training College (BISCO), Tamale Traning College (TATCO), Tamale Senior High (TAMASCO), Business Senior High (BISCO) and Bagabag Training College (BATCO). We have started the process by sending letters to the school authorities for permission so we can go and preach in the schools.

We continue to study with many people in the area in other to have the Church meeting in the school. Wednesdays and Saturdays are allocated for personal work so as to have effective results. We hope much will be done when the school re-opens. We are hoping to have some souls won for the Lord in coming days.


The school compound is being kept clean, electrical works have been done, dead bulbs being changed, some locks for doors that were not working being fixed and all keys have been tagged with numbers to their door.


We have visited the Lands office and have submitted the papers and made payment for the necessary documentation. The payment is the yearly stool land fees.


Brother Abukari Dramani of Gbungbaliga Church of Christ has qualified and successfully received the sum of four hundred Ghana cedis (¢400.00).  He is one of our past students of the first butch and preacher for the Gbungbaliga congregation. This is a project to help our past students to raise goats or sheep to support themselves as they continue to preach the Word of God.

Thanks for your support and may the Good Lord richly bless you.

The faculty and staff at Tamale Insitute of Biblical Studies

Posted on June 11, 2018 .

New staff members in Tamale

So soon it is one year since the new year of our sixth batch of students began. We thank God for His blessing and for you the wonderful people who keep on supporting us in prayers and financially. 


The fifth term classes came to an end rather shorter as this is the farming season for the people in the northern part of Ghana. As part of their support the students do some farming in their villages to help feed their families. So the students are on long break from now to July 1st when they will come back to school to continue with their academic work.


Albert Tamanja Malir and James Bisong Legend have joined the management and are now the core staffs of the school in teaching, security and handling the day to day activities as they staying in the school. They are also to see to the growth of the church that meets in the school that serves as the immediate training ground for the students.


As part of the school’s mission of growing the work of Our Lord in the northern part of Ghana, visitation to all the congregations in the area is put in place as well as visiting all our graduate preachers and other preachers working in the area. Already visitation is done on the road from Tamale to Bimbilla, a journey of three and a half hours on the motor bike.   

Many people are also being contacted for Bible studies in Tamale township and also in the vicinity of the school and the responses are favorably.  


Steven and Karen Ashcraft visited us at the school for three days. The progress of the school, the management of the school, maintainace of the school and the welfare of the students were all discussed. Even though Karen was not part of our meeting her interaction with us and her fellowship with us was great and inspiring.

Thanks for your support and may the Good Lord richly bless you.

Posted on May 13, 2018 .

Back to school in Tamale

Tamale 1.JPG

Back to School: The school has reopened and the students except one have reported. The classes are ongoing and every activity in the school is going on as usual. All the teachers are seriously teaching their lessons and the students are also well participating in all lessons. We are praying and wishing them all the best for their fifth term. After this term there will be a long vacation for the students to do some farming which goes to support their families.

Administrative Activities: Administratively, whatever is needed to move the school forward is in place as everyone works within his capacity to bring growth and development in the school.

Reports from some students: During the break, Baaba Elijah, a student from Yuah community in Upper East of Northern Ghana was able to preach and teach and got one baptism of a new soul into the Church.

Samuel Jakum, a student from Zabliya reported the problem of lack of water to do baptism whenever there is someone to be baptized. He studied and got someone to be baptized but there is no water to do so as this is the dry season. In that case he needs to travel about 27 miles away to river Wanpu in Bimbilla in order to find water to do the baptism. That has not happened yet in this part of Ghana as the means is very high in cost to the average person.

Abraham also reported to the management having the same problem at his place of preaching. Water has always been a serious problem whenever it comes to the dry season in most of the places in the Northern Ghana.

Having received such a heartfelt report, what the school can do is to go there with the school car to help. But at the moment we lack support for such a noble task.

The Work Done: The renovation of the staff quarters is completed and is ready for use by the instructors of the school. The plastering of the students’ toilet and the changing of the water closets system are also completed. The painting work is on-going, hoping it will see completion this week.

The school is also blessed the purchase of a new freezer for the students’ and staffs’ use. This is a great necessity as it will help us keep and save some food items and vegetables.

Please pray with us, things are not well economically, with God, we can sail through. Thanks

Alex Jabado, BVBI-Tamale

Posted on April 5, 2018 .

Good news in Ghana

The beginning of the year 2018 saw 23 preachers meeting in a village called Agona Namanwura. The church in this village was established a year ago with an average attendance of 18 adults. The week-long stay in the village saw dawn preaching, where the loud speakers were used. There was daily house to house preaching and distribution of tracts. There was a nightly street preaching which most time ends at 12 midnight, those evangelistic activities resulted in 22 baptisms and 3 restorations. This congregation was highly blessed and pleaded with us to make it a yearly program to the church there.

Bible School

The beginning of the year 2018 marked the beginning of another school year of the Accra Bible School. It is a 2-year program. Over 20 brethren were interviewed but 12 have now reported. This is a boarding department and the students stay in the school for a term of 3 months and then go home for a month holiday. About 6 of the 12 are already preaching for congregations. I am teaching the “The Cost of Discipleship.

The part-time department is having 38 students, whereas the regular program is two years, this part-time program is for 4 years and currently we are in the third year. Classes are held on Friday from 4 pm to 8 pm and Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm. As the moment, I am teaching “The Scheme of Redemption.” The Tamale School has students’ population of 18 and currently they are on holidays for a month. This holiday is for the students who are mostly farmers to prepare their lands for planting. They are coming back on March 19, 2018.

Children – School: The re-opening of the school in January is the second of the three terms in a year. Currently, the children are using three of the six classrooms, down-stirs of the story building. We are yet to put a stir-guard on the steps as a guide to the three top floor classrooms. We have gotten new students since the re-opening of the school in January, 2018.

Baptisms: Our Mission congregations reported 6 baptisms and the Campus Ministry also recorded 4 baptisms.

We are blessed to have brother Travis Hardesty, Minister of Oak Street Church of Christ visiting the school in March. Oak Street Church is instrumental in helping the school get permanent building. We wish him a blessed stay in Ghana.

We are planting a new congregation in March in a village call Immuna on the coast, south of Mankessim.

Please pray with us, we really need it. Thanks.

Kojo Acquah Beenyi,    Minister,   Church of Christ,   Agona Swedru,  C/R,  Ghana,  West Africa

Posted on March 20, 2018 .

Plans for improvement in Tamale, Ghana


Bear Valley Bible Institute, Tamale, Ghana

Back to School:

The school has re-opened and all the students reported back after they have gone on a break to see their families and the congregations while they also harvested their food crops on their farms.

Classes are ongoing and every activity is busy going on as it is expected. The students are very busy with their academic work and on the more serious note the instructors are taking their instructional time into consideration making sure that the teaching and learning meet the expectation.

Administrative Activities:

The management team is seriously working as usual within their means to make sure that all the Churches of Christ in the Northern Ghana come on board to raise the image of the school. With this plan, a regular visitation program is made. It is planned that our past students are visited and discuss the progress of the work. We are also putting more good plans in place to secure the integrity of the school. In this plan too the students as well as the past students are advised and encouraged to always live as the disciples of Jesus.

Repair works/needs:

There are some repair and replacement works to be done. Some doors need to be replaced. The toilets walls need to be plastered and painted and all the water closets need to be replaced. We also need water storage tank so we can have enough water all the time.   

Your borther,

Alex Jabado

Posted on February 1, 2018 .

Time being used wisely in Tamale


December Report 2017.


We have ended the third term classes successfully and the students have gone home and they will be back to school God’s willing on the 15th of January 2018. They are to use this break to see their families, congregations, and also harvest their crops on their farms.

Administrative Activities:

Administratively, we are doing everything possible to keep the school on its feet to have the bright future as an Institution which is so dear to the heart of God. It is our prayer that we will be able to accomplish this mission to the glory of the Lord Jesus.

Invitation to Tatale:

As it has been the sole aim of the management team to bring on board all the Churches of Christ in the Northern Ghana in the school, we are being communicating with the Churches daily in all we do here in the school and now they have come to appreciate our work. Most especially they appreciate brother Steven’s effort to support the growth of the Northern Churches. Also, the action of our past students in the preaching field is enough evidence that the school stands for the growth of the Church of Christ in the North.

Having received the invitation to attend the Annual Northern Bible Camp to speak to the congregation about the school and to also support the camp with our preaching equipment was so wonderful. The school supported the program with equipment both day and night for four days and enough time was given to speak at length about the school. Francis Ayine, Jabado Alex, and Niipaak Laar were there to talk to the brethren how it is important for everybody support to build the school. Many brethren were touched in their heart and a brother from Kuntumbiyili promised to give yams to feed the students and fulfilled his promise the following day. The school stands a chance of having a good future if we continue to teach the congregations the importance of having the Bible school at our door step instead of going to the South to attend the same such Bible school.

Repair Works/Needs

There are some repair and replacement works to be done. Some doors need to be replaced. The toilets walls need to be plastered and paint and all the water closets need to be replaced. We also need a water storage tank so we can have water all the time.

School Farm

We will continue to do some farm on the property like we did last year where we had a good harvested of corn. This year depending on the weather, we may do some yam or groundnut or both. In future we will need a flowing bore hole to do some farming whenever we want to.

Continue to pray with and for us. God bless you and We Wish You a Happy New Year.

Alex Jabado

Posted on January 10, 2018 .

Graduation in Tamale

School Re-opened:

The term began with our eighteen students reporting on November 5th. For the first time in several years all the students reported on the day before re-opening day and organized themselves for the school and the academic work. They began their first class with Francis Ayine on Old Testament and at the same time preparing the ground for the upcoming lectureship and graduation.

All our instructors are well committed and taking their lessons very serious with the students. The school management team and the board of directors are all up to the task and everything is fined.

Lectureship and Graduation:

The school organized three days lectureship and graduation to past out the five dedicated students who have successfully finished with their two years course of studies in the school, past students, and current students. The theme was: “WORSHIPING GOD IN TRUTH AND IN SPIRIT”. The topics and speakers were:

1. Worship in the Old Testament-Anthony Antumwini

2. Worship in the New Testament-Kojo Acquah Beenyi

3. Lord Supper (do this in remembrance of me)-Ken Kesse

4. Giving (God loves a cheerful giver)-Francis Ayine

5. Prayer (pray without ceasing)-Timothy Niligirni

6. Singing (praising God and speaking to one another)-Thomas Donzie

7. Preaching (preach the word)-Keith Kasarjian

8. Worship in Spirit and Truth-Steven Ashcraft

The attendance was: Past students 28, current students 18, other preachers 9, board members 7, Church members 32, and American brothers 2 making a total of 96. Everything was fine and we had a sweet fellowship. Both the current and the past students were greatly edified.

We want to express our gratitude to Brother Steven and the brethren in USA who took it upon themselves to sponsor this program. May the good Lord bless all of you for your love and kindness.

The students graduated were:

1. Dokurugu Enoch Bilfort from Bakpaba

2. Mbun Akudugu Ezekiel from Baku

3. Madan Simon Gnayor from Saboba

4. Joseph Konlaan from Abese

5. John Tobu Nignan from Gbingbaliga

Students Produced Maize

Our students did some farming this year and their labour was blessed with good harvest of maize. Currently the maize is stored. In the recent 2-day lectureship, we all ate two meals daily from food prepared with corn and that saved the school some money. We are planning to grow some peanut (we call it groundnut) and yam too.


We are grateful to have brother Keith Kasarjian visit us at Tamale. He spoke at our lectureship and was the Guest Speaker at the school’s graduation.


Alex Jabado

Posted on December 8, 2017 .

The Director goes to Ghana

From Nov. 10-18 it was my pleasure and privilege to visit all 3 Bear Valley extensions in the country of Ghana. I was accompanied by West Africa Regional Director, Steven Ashcraft, who also planned everything. We had originally planned to visit the graduation in Kpalime, Togo, but political unrest made it too dangerous. 

We began in Accra, the largest city in Ghana, and visited the school in Nsawam/Doboro, which is on the outskirts of the city. This school has 12 full time students (who will soon graduate) and 30 in the extended program.

From there we went across to the city of Takoradi to visit the West Coast School of Preaching. I taught in this school in 2011 but have not been able to go back since then, so this was enjoyable for me. It was good to see some brethren that I had not seen in a long time and to visit with the current student body.

From there we made the long drive (12+ hours) to Tamale in northern Ghana. Tamale is a city of nearly a half million people and is 95% ethnic Muslim. While converting Muslims to Jesus remains a difficult challenge, the men trained in the Bear Valley extension there are doing an outstanding job withstanding against error. We were privileged to be able to attend the graduation and to witness the matriculation of the new class of 18 students!

We were blessed with safe travel and the fellowship of likeminded brethren. Counting those in the extended programs in Accra and Takoradi, there are nearly 100 students in Ghana. Please pray for them.



Posted on November 28, 2017 .

Women's conference hosted in Tamale


                                                         OCTOBER REPORT, 2017.


As usual we have come to the end of the second term classes successfully and the students will be back to school on 6th November from the three weeks break. They are to use this break time to visit their families, congregations and their farms.

Administrative Activities:

Administratively, everything that needs to keep the school running is in place as everyone contributes his part to give the best service to the Lord. It is our prayer that we will move from one step to another as long as the growth and the development of the school in the Northern Region of Ghana is concerned.

The school land papers are still going under registration. The amount needed has been paid to the Lands Commission and they are going through their procedures to get the land registered and then hand over the papers to the school.

Personal Evangelism:

We held one week personal evangelism in Tamale Township with all students involved and it was a very good experience with the Muslims as usual. We debated with them about Jesus as the son of God and not the prophet as they were describing Him.

We also told them plainly that the eternal salvation of mankind is found in Christ Jesus and not in Mohammed. At a point some were getting the understanding yet some of them were still pushing them not to come closer to the point. So we left them here as we bRought our week long evangelism to an end hoping for another chance to meet them again on the same topic.

Annual Northern Sector Women Fellowship (ANSWF):

This year Annual Northern Sector Women Fellowship hosted and supported by the school has made a significant difference than the years before. This year 32 communities sent the representatives of 152 members to witness and take part of program which has never happened before.

Your brother,

Alex Jabado

Posted on November 21, 2017 .

Graduation upcoming in Tamale


                                                   SEPTEMBER 2017 REPORT.

Back To School:

By God’s grace we are successfully resumed to school and all the students are reported in their numbers accordingly. All the instructors are also responding to their time scheduled and everything is going on well.

As usual any time we are on break we continue with the campaign for more students to be enrolled into the school and God being so good we had another new student this time who has increased the number from 14 to 15 students.

Administrative Activities:

Administratively, everything that supposed to be done to keep the school on its feet is ongoing and it is our prayers that the good Lord will give us the strength to be able to do more than we are doing now.

We are also putting everything in place preparing for the upcoming of November 18th graduation ceremony. The invitation letters are written, some are sent and others will soon be sent to the local congregations inviting them all to come to cheer up the occasion.

The Pajero is undergoing maintenance and we hope to have it soon to do the rounds. The school land papers are almost ready for the registration and very soon we will finish with it. Tamale High Court has endorsed it and put the seal and it is now genuine and currently submitted to lands commission for the registration.

We are making every effort to properly run the school to the glory of God. We keep on reminding you to put us in daily prayers list.

Your brother,

Alex Jabado

Posted on October 12, 2017 .