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Rainy season in Sierra Leone



Warm greetings from me, and they that are laboring with me also send their sincere greetings. We wished that you are well and doing fine by His Grace.

Our first Quarter ends on the 22nd of July for a short break. All students were sent back to their different destination. Management ensured that all courses for first quarter are completed and grades were submitted to the Institute. We appreciate the commitment of our lecturers for sparing their time to teach and train our younger Brethren in the Lord. We thank Bear Valley International for their tireless contributions in making this happened. Above all, we give Glory to God Almighty for seeing us throughout the First Quarter.

On midterm break students were encourage to read ahead in preparation of the next quarter and not to give time for idleness with other worldly activities.


Classes were resumed on the 14th of August 2019, having all students on campus. July and August are months full of rains that causes a lot of damages to life and properties in West Africa especially Sierra Leone. We are grateful to God that none of our student were involve in any of these disaster.

Classes commence with the subject, Life of Christ having Brother Gabriel Abu as lecturer followed by the Book of Acts with Brother Emanuel Focko. By the grace of God Homiletics is on floor as I write my report. We continue to ask God for guardians for our students in their studies.


Evangelism was ineffective during these months due to continuous rains as roads are flooded with mood. Attach are few copies of the water disaster and moody roads cause by the rains. Students were indoors with their studies. We look forward to good weather during this month of September which will give accessibility for evangelism. Keep us in your prayers.


Having God on our side, the water business will soon be history to us. The home office of Bear Valley is willing to give some assistance towards solving the water problem face with our Institute. God willing, the project of digging a water well will commenced. See our next edition for a total achievement with the water issue.

God is so good.


We appreciate every effort of everyone who are sharing with our aims and objectives in teaching and training men with the undiluted Gospel. May the good Lord bless our join efforts.

We love and care for you all.

Your humble Servant in the Lord

Jacob Sesay

Admin / Director

Bear Valley Bible Institute

Kenema Sierra Leone.

Posted on September 10, 2019 .

School resumes soon in Sierra Leone



Dear Friends, Greetings from me, my family and from all those that are laboring with me in the recruitment of able men for God’s vineyard. Staffs and students send their greetings. We wish everyone by God’s grace a sound health in Christ Jesus.

The month of June was loaded with intensive teaching and learning. We were a bit behind the schedule in the proposed curriculum. We have to repeat teachings on Personal Evangelism due to late arrival of 5 students after the lesson has been taught by Robert P. Dahn Jr from Liberia. Nevertheless we endure and ensure that the 1st quarter syllabus is completed.


With the special grace of God we have 16 Students in class when regular classes resume. We started off with Brother Gabriel Abu who taught Old Testament 1. He is one of the able preachers in one of our congregation in Kenema Town.

Trust me 40 credible hours of intensive teaching and learning was effectively done by each of the lecturers. 8 hours of class work and 1 hour Lunch per day. The First Quarter contain the following

1.     Old Testament 1 (Genesis) Taught by Gabriel Abu in Kenema Township

2.     How we Got the Bible taught by Brother Samuel Bangura from Freetown

3.     Christian Evidences taught by Brother Osman Sheke from Kondu Town

4.     Gods plan of salvation Scheme of Redemption taught by Emmanuel Focko from Kailahun

5.     Personal Evangelism taught by Joseph Masseley in Kenema one of our excellent pass graduate

6.     English taught by Brother Richard Saidu Saffa Christian Brother


The subject Personal Evangelism was theoretically and practically carried out in class and in the field. A product of Bear Valley Bible Institute in Kenema in the person of Joseph Masseley was mentoring student in One to One contact. The amazing part in the one to one contact was that most of our Students could communicate with the people through their own dialect, this makes the reception good.

We are looking forward to the increase by faith in our next venture. Keep us in your prayers.


The Institute is on vacation at present. Hopefully to reopened on the 14th of August 2019. We are almost to the month of continuous raining period. Remember us in your prayers as we do for many.

May God bless our joint efforts for the purpose of His Kingdom.

Attached below are photographs relating to the report.

Your Brother and Humble Servant

Brother Jacob Sesay

Admin/Director – Bear Valley Kenema

Posted on August 26, 2019 .

A new group of students in Sierra Leone

To Our Beloved Brethren in Christ Jesus, May the grace and Peace of God be with us all. Greetings from me together with those that labor with me in the Lord; The management, staffs, and students of the above noble Institution sends their greetings. I wish above all things that you are in good health.

Know that you are sincerely appreciated for your joint efforts in bringing the Gospel into our doorsteps.

Bear Valley Bible Institute in Kenema team of Management went around towns and villages recruiting new students for the next Academic School Year. 20 students in number were officially recorded for 2019 – 2020 school years. These students are from Freetown; Magburoka; Kailahun; Koindu and Kenema.

Immediately after the recruitment 11 students were interviewed and classes commence the next day. An able Brother from our neighboring country Liberia in the person of Brother Robert P. Dahn Jr. was in preparation to handle Personal Evangelism, one of the courses in the curriculum for a week. The eleven students who were on campus benefitted the lectures as grades were displayed on the school notice board.

During this same period the graduation fever of 16 students who have successfully meet with the requirements of Bear Valley Bible Institute for the awarding of Diplomas in Biblical Studies was a showcase in the minds of many.

April 13th the long awaiting day was here and to the glory of God Almighty, these gallant men were colorfully robed and rewarded for their devotion and completion of their course studies. I was blessed among the living to witness the ceremony and graduation. This has been my dream like many others to see Churches of Christ conducting a full-time Bible Institute in Sierra Leone. We pray and look forward to the extension of Bear Valley in other parts of Sierra Leone. 


The Management of Bear Valley Bible Institute Kenema Sierra Leone together with the West Africa Coordinator for Bear Valley Bible Institutes Brother Steven Ashcraft has consultative meetings for the furtherance of the Institute. The needs of the Institute and welfare of students were top of the discussion. The following were prioritized

(a)   Refurbishment of Student’s dormitories

(b)  Relocation of  School Kitchen extension

(c)   Provision of clean and pure water

(d)  Renting of two-bedroom apartment for Lecturers coming from far distances

(e)  Purchasing of Kitchen utensils 

As God would have it done, 90% of these needs were practically made available as showed in the pictures above.

In addition to all of these needs, a final settlement for the piece of land owned by Bear Valley Bible Institute situated off Dama Road Kenema became successful and sole ownership is placed to the Institution. In conclusion to these, on behalf of our local management, we express our sincere thanks and appreciations to our sponsors/donors for making these needs available for the effectiveness of the Institution. May the good God continue to bless their families Amen.


In final summary, we wish to let you know that we have Sixteen (16) students on roll who are ongoing classes for the pursuance of Diploma Certificate in Biblical Studies for 2019 to 2021. We need your continuous support and prayers for our students as well as management and staffs. Kindly remember us in your prayers as we do the same for all.

Presented by your humble Servant in the Lord

Jacob Osman Sesay


Posted on July 28, 2019 .

Graduation upcoming in Sierra Leone

Dear Brethren in the Vineyard,

We are glad to report to you our end of program and activities undertaken for the month of February in the field of evangelism in Kenema. We have completed a routine exercise of our new students admission in this month and preparing for the graduation of the outgoing students at the same time. 


Student recruitment has been done by the Dean and Director in different regions taken the school to the less privileged and deprived communities for christ. We went as far as the northern part of Sierra Leone where there is less concentration of  churches of Christ on the ground.   Magburaka town in the Bombali District has given us three students to be trained whereas Freetown in the Penisular area has given us three to be trained as preachers for the Lord's work respectively.

In the southern and Eastern region we have eleven potential students to be trained this time again and all of them will be coming to school this academic year.  We have one student from KAMAKWIE far north a converted through the World Bible School lessons and  has apply for our course to further study God's word with us, two from Kenema.


Students from these places  will take the gospel message to other parts of the country. This will give more room for church planting in the Lord Vine yard. More soul will be won for Christ in the vineyard..


The congregation at Lungi needed restoration and unless we intervened there will be no member to be saved under the Lord's church at that part of the vine yard. Because it has ceased its meetings due to lack of leadership to lead  its members. Most of the members  I spoke to said the congregation came to a stand still due to lack of leadership who will continue to teach and preach the undiluted word to them.

I visited the ground twice to see possible means of helping to  restore its old members and start the church through effort with a congregation in Freetown.

Suggestions were made with the church of christ at Tengbeh town in Freetown to send two preachers coming from Freetown to help evangelise  on saturdays and passes the night over there and preach on Sunday. As one preacher will not be enough to carry out this function we are asked to take care of an additional preacher by providing his travelling expenses which will cost (200.000) Which is equivalent to $25 monthly. Fifty thousand leones weekly inclusive lodging and feeding for a day which the preachers have already accepted in good faith for the sake of the gospel         

All these were suggestions put together to see how we could help restore a dying congregation in that part of the country where all the sheep had gone astray. There is an unfinished building standing there empty without utilizing it for the purpose it was built.  Most of the old members are willing to come back provided they have a preacher to feed the congregation. Our effort will not go in vain as we look forward to promote GOD'S work in this part of the Vine yard


We are sending our students home to prepare themselves for the 13th of April to come and witness the graduation celebration.

At the same time preparing ourselves to receive our potential incoming students for the next intake of students for 2019/2020 program of studies on the 5th of April 2019 at our school campus in Kenema.

We have completed a round trip admission of twenty students for the  program this year. We hope all of them will turn up for school at the stipulated time. We will send their names on the next report after completing the final process of enrollment.


“A journey of a thousand mile begins with the first step”  We are almostly coming to the end of our journey with the help of you people who have supported our effort in taking us where we are today.

We will continue to pledge our loyalty in the lord as long as we live to see the school succeed in Sierra Leone in training preachers for the work.

We thank you all for putting your resources together to support our effort in training our country men for the service of God




Posted on March 25, 2019 .

Incredible opportunity in Sierra Leone

Hello Brethren.

We are sending you our sincere greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Who has been with us since the inception of our studies unto the end of our program.


As we draw closer to the end of our classes students are engaged more on personal evangelism work in the field such as public preaching, seminars, house to house visitation, one to one teachings, group teachings in   Christian homes to bring our classes to an end.


We have been able to win the heart of our brethren in the region due to the performance of our students             in their congregations. By preaching the undiluted word of God to people in their villages, they are able to captivate the mind set of those who are reluctant to the gospel.


The CHURCH OF CHRIST congregation at Lungi International Airport has been handed over to Bear Valley for restoration purpose to preach the undiluted word to the people. The decision came about at a meeting held in Freetown at the Church of Christ edifice in Tengbeh Town.

Elder Alusine Kamara was the pioneer of that congregation at Lungi during the rebel incursion when he was transferred for official duty at that time. Since his withdrawal from Lungi, the congregation has been faced with the problem of having a church of Christ trained preacher to preach for the congregation. For some time now women are allowed to run the affairs of the church because there was no train and qualify men to preach sound doctrine to the people. With few untrained men supposedly with denominational training keeps the congregation moving but with polluted doctrines. In view of the above, we are asked by the congregation to step in and salvage the situation by sending preacher weekly to teach and preach sound doctrine to the people. 

We have eye marked few students who have been doing very well in school to take up the lecturing position in our next lessons however, we want to put them on probationary period and look at their performance for some period in the teaching field. We have also given them more work load to carry out and they seem to be at the top of their colleagues.


Bro Emmanuel F. Focko has been very instrumental in the things of God in preaching, seminars, evangelism, door to door teaching at home and in school. He can be seen most of the time engaging himself in personal evangelism work.

Quiet recently he hosted a seminar at Koindu with the youth of his congregation and made an impact all over that region. He is also obedient to the gospel preaching as he pursue his main and objective of becoming an evangelist' for Christ.


A journey of a thousand mile starts with the first step. We are almost coming to the end of the journey. We thank all those who in diverse ways contributed to the success of this course. We also pray for our sponsors to give us their relentless support on the program.

We pray for our graduating students to focus on the course they have chosen not to deviate from it as the devil is roaming about seeking for the weaker ones to devour



Posted on February 18, 2019 .

Evangelism in Sierra Leone

Happy new year to everyone in the lord as we ended this year's program without misfortunes in the brotherhood. We hope and pray for a successful 2019 as we start the journey to meet our lord in this challenging world.  We are not better than those who have died during the course of the ministry  work but we are spared by the lord to continue in his work to fulfill the Great Commission of our lord in Matt.28:18-20. It is because God wants to begin with us that’s the reason he spared us to see the new year. As God has  began with us, may He ends with us for the rest of the year 2019. May we live to see another   New Year in Jesus’ name? Amen.


-On the 3rd Dec, 2018 the school started its last campaign for the year with  students participating in three areas of evangelising the vicinity of Kenema by making disciples. On a joint cooperative evangelism with the churches of Christ in Kenema, they are able to launch an operation house to house campaign lectures on one on one basis. This has proven successful for the newly established congregations in the areas whereby their numbers keep on increasing as a result of the moves and strategies undertaken by the school.

-Our campaign lasted for one week in three areas KAMARA TOWN, DAUDA TOWN, AND GBEYTAYMA


-During our campaign to the above area ,students were divided into three groups : one group went to Kamara Town another went to Dauda Town and the last group went to Gbeytayma. At the end of the day they meet and share experiences among the groups and forged ahead the following day. They explained  success stories to one another. They confined on each other for strategies and methods to be used for a successful campaign. The groups ended up converting souls for Christ in these area.


-More  practical field work done as a result of an effective team work in the campaign launched.

-It Helps the school to be known by members of the Churches of Christ in various congregations

-It  also gives the students an advantage to master their practical work.

Students are now conducting home lectureship and worship service in their own local villages.


-Sustainability of regular worship service in newly established congregations during break while students have gone home for break.

 -Congregations that are newly planted with the effort of the school  in villages  are seen as Bear Valley own congregations and are therefore looked upon to support them with preachers and other materials such as Bibles, Hymn Books, Tracks, Benches, Fruit of the Vine and so on.


-Our Future campaign programs should  be held in villages or places where  churches of Christ have already been in existence. This is simply because we cannot plant without watering, however, we cannot be selective in our work but this will save us from church support as the case may be with us.

-We should  first trained  new converts who are willing to pass the message over to their people before  planting a new congregation elsewhere.


-During our campaign periods we have been able to convert souls for Christ through efforts made by our students and restored members to churches.

-We have organized an evangelism team of youth fellowship from house to house on every weekends.

-We have  sustained both Tilorma and Burma congregations through efforts of our students.

-With the help of Bear Valley Bible Institute and our Regional coordinator, we have acquired an acre of land for our school within this shortest possible time.


-As we move  closer to the end of the second year program of studies, we have been able to ensure the survival of the school regardless of the challenges faced on the way.

- During the period under review, we have been able to sustain a program  of studies for all our students.  We want to thank our sponsors for supporting the school in a very special way in  accomplishing the great commission of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We also want to thank our  Regional coordinator and Director of extension studies for Bear Valley for their continuous support of the program in our country. 


Ishmael S. Bangura

Director BVBI-SL

Posted on January 14, 2019 .

Growth in Sierra Leone

Hello Brethren,

We thank God for bringing us thus far since the starting of this year. We must agree that many had slept on the way during this journey but for the sake of the Gospel preaching we are spared by His grace. As God begins with us, may He ends with us for the rest of the year 2018. May we live to see the New Year in Jesus’ name? Amen.


In a meeting held with  Steven Ashcraft, we have come together for a possible extension of our program for another quarter which will take us to March ending next year. This is to allow students to cover more of their practical Hermeneutical and Homiletical skills. This period will cover public speaking, door to door, indoor teachings, mostly to be done by students. We have already started with student teaching students in class. Our lecturers assesses their skills and presentation of Lectureship.


a)     This will lead to some experiential sharing from students about lessons learnt either at school or from their various congregations.

b)    Extra learning and practical work done will serve as room for improvement to the students.

c)     Students will be well equipped with the word after going through this extension period.  

d)    The potential student can be spotted for future classroom teaching in the school. That is to say the best student can be seen and utilize in our next program.

STUDENTS OUTREACH: Villages around Tilorma and Kamara Town has been targeted by our students in spreading the Gospel message from house to house on every weekend. Personal work by students wins soul for Christ in these vicinity. However, because of the distant between villages from where we planted the congregation, makes it difficult to maintain those souls won for Christ. In some of these villages, however we are trying to find strategies to encourage them to come over at the newly planted congregation to worship on Sundays. Every village is calling for a congregation to be planted.

COPING STRATEGIES IN THESE VILLAGES.  Teaching new converts in their homes, Learning them songs, mobile preaching, by sharing the word through tracks, Bible lessons, and Mega phone.

Feeding children on campaign undertaken in these villages along side with our gospel preaching.


Increase of members on Sunday worship service with more children than before. Vulnerable children are seen coming in their numbers on Sunday church worship.


At the last meeting of inter-congregations, the Director met with church leaders on the issue of student requirements for the school including qualification for teachers to teach at the school.


 Members in the meeting suggested that Bear Valley Bible Institute should in-cooperate agriculture farming in the curriculum to help preachers to be independent. 


This concerned was noted on behalf of the Regional coordinator and will discuss that when necessary.

This has been a concerned also raised by the on going students during their training program.


The churches promised to put hands on deck and assist the school in the area of sending preachers to be trained and also help with Lecturers to teach at the school. The meeting was adjourned to next year, January 2019.


Our student profile for this month is Bob Williams the oldest preacher among the students. Bob was born at Taiama Town in a village called Bambuibu. He is married with 4 children and 3 grand children. Bob is a preacher in his church and decided to come for more training in the things of God.

He was baptized in Taiama during the 80s. He is one of the oldest members in his congregation. He is admired and respected for his zealousness by colleagues.


The work at Kenema is growing gradually as we have added two young congregations in the churches at Kenema. There is a possibility of planting more congregations in Kenema but there is need for more students coming from Kenema to be trained so that these congregations will not die with time after planting them due to lack of  Sheppard. Please help us in your prayers to get more laborers for the harvest in his vineyard.

Thank you.

Submitted by Ishmael

Posted on December 18, 2018 .

Tremendous progress in Sierra Leone!

Dear Brethren in Christ,

Bear Valley Bible Institute Sierra Leone resumed classes on the 7th of October for the fourth quarter in their final year of studies. We have sixteen students present for the quarter we hope and pray that these students will make it to the graduation next year.   Below are activities undertaken for the month of October followed with photos.

Congregations in the western area  part of Freetown held their monthly meeting on churches cooperation to help promote the work in sierra Leone. We are invited to participate since we have an important role to play in building up the body of Christ. As stakeholder in propagating the mission of the church in this part of the country, We have to take part in that meeting and table the following points
(a) Admission of new intake students for 2019/2020 (b) Asking for trained and qualified lecturers from the church of Christ. (c) Graduation of completing students next year. All these points were discussed in good faith with churches present for the meeting.
Brother Samuel Bangura who has planted churches around the peninsula of Freetown consented to send seven potential students for the next intake from congregations he had planted to be trained as preachers to do the work.
We also received names of trained and qualified teachers to teach at the school next year. SAM BANGURA has been the only lecturer coming from Freetown to teach at the school.
The churches also promised to witness our first graduation celebration next year and to send students for the training program come next year. Looking forward to their commitment also as churches.
The churches also complained about the distant from Freetown to Kenema  which is about 304KM which makes it difficult for lecturers to come and teach. However, we have resolved the matter with them as we promise to encourage them when they are here to teach our students. We are now expecting more lecturers to come by next year.  From  Kailahun,  Kono,  BO, and Freetown. As we crave their indulgence to make some sacrifices in order to see the sustainability of the school.
(a) Decent lodging for lecturers to stay during their teaching exercise. (b) Giving them transport to and fro, giving breakfast , lunch and dinner for the day.(d) Giving them five hundred thousands leones for a week teaching. 
We completed two short courses for October, one course was conducted by Samuel Bangura while the other course was conducted by the regional coordinator Bro. Steven  Ashcraft  respectively. Bro. Samuel Bangura taught on the book of Revelation while Bro Steven taught on Geography of the Bible.
After the course students can now analyse biblical  locations between countries in the bible , event of happenings, cultural settings, background information , Traditional beliefs,  Social and economic activities. Etc.etc. They also passed the final examination with flying colors for both lecturers.
Our students have engaged themselves within the out sketch of Kenema at Burma and Tilorma environs where they have planted one congregation each. During  Bro.Steven's visit to Kenema, he visited both congregations and had to teach and preach in both  on Saturday and Sunday. 
Sustainability of the congregations during students vacation is difficult especially where there is no train preacher to take up teaching and preaching on holidays. Distant to travel to these congregations to preach on Sunday has to be covered at our expense.
Assigned two students to take up preaching and teaching when on holidays on cost for their travel expenses.
There is an ongoing evangelism undertaken by students on Saturdays from house to house teaching converts and inviting new membership.  At Tilorma Village, the township has offered us a big building to meet on Sundays and other subsequent days of our school activities for the preaching of the gospel.
Conversion of souls by students from a denominational congregation through our teachings and tracks sharing.
House to house visits and sharing the word of God with people in the village through tracks, one on one teachings and mid-week bible classes on Wednesdays.
Bro Sheku Pessima was born on the 14th July, 1991 in a village around Taiama near N'jala University of Sierra Leone.
He was baptized on the 5th February,2017 at the campus ministry by a colleague preacher. Sheku Pessima is the youngest preacher among his colleagues but dedicated and hard working towards the furtherance of the gospel. Before this time , he has been working as an associate minister of the gospel in a small congregation at N'jala Church of Christ outside Taiama Town a place I visited last December.
Our prayer and aspiration for the gospel work in our country is to see sierra Leone dominated by Christianity. We hope and pray that these students will dominate in their locality after been trained for the preaching of the gospel.

Thank you.
Compiled and submitted by:
Ishmael S. Bangura

Posted on November 24, 2018 .

A new campus in Sierra Leone

Hello brethren.      

We are very grateful to you for the support of the work here in Sierra Leone. May God richly bless you for your relentless efforts towards the School. May our Lord continue to keep you from danger and tribulation wherever you may be.

We are pleased to report to you about the events undertaken during the month of August this second year in our third quarter of school.

Number of students remaining in school

There are sixteen students remaining in school at the moment.  Mohamed Gassama has deferred the course due to his long standing ill health. Since his surgical operation he has not been regular in school.  He has now taken two consecutive quarters without reporting for classes. He is still undergoing his medical treatment as he told us when we contacted him.

Transfer of school:

On the 29th of August, 2018 we transferred the school to our new location with the help of students engaging in the packing of school items for the new place. We hired two vehicles to convey the items to the new site. The students were so happy as they left with joy to their new destination. It was a lovely moment to see them all over the place carrying their personal effects into the vehicle.

Agricultural farm:

Immediately after the transfer to the new place we had to go ahead with our garden work. Students participated in the uprooting and plucking of the groundnuts in the farm. We have completed the exercise and ended up having four bags of unpeeled groundnuts. We are now going to dry it under the sun and store it for our next cooking season.

Students Profile:

Jacob Jusu is born of Kailahun District on the 15th day of MAY, 1980 to a Christian family and follows the foot step of his parents. He was converted on the 7th October, 1999 at the Gueckedou church of christ in Guinea.

He is a very dedicated member of his congregation and for that reason the congregation decided to send him to school to study more about the word of God. His class participation is good and he is a very obedience servant of God.


After sorting and packing of our properties in the new place we have today launched a week campaign around the surrounding villages to climax the end of this quarter’s event.

We will update you on the outcome of the campaign as soon as it ends.

Thank you.

Submitted by Ishmael S. Bangura

Local director of extension studies.

Sierra Leone

Posted on September 24, 2018 .

Guest teachers in Sierra Leone

Dear Brethren,

We thank each and every one of you for supporting our efforts in this part of the vine yard. May God prolong your lives in order to see the fulfillment of the “Great Commission” being accomplished through the sacrifices you are making for the promotion of the gospel in this part of the Vine yard. 


Moving lecturers from Bo and Freetown to teach our students has made significant impact in the learning process of students with a performance increased in knowledge of the bible.  We are making the mark towards Bear Valley requirements for preachers with the method of learning outlined in the curriculum as spelt out in each class module such as assignments, research work, memory verses, essays writing, quizzes, devotions as well as pulpit preaching and teachings on a daily routine basis.

We have come to the end of this quarter’s teaching exercise which ended with a short course on “Mission in the new testament " I have prepared the first year’s results in which almost all the student passed.

We have one lecturer from Bo city who is Bro Banya for short course, Bro A.J.S. Koroma from Freetown, and Bro Samuel Bangura from Freetown.

We are also sending students on personal work to various congregations to preach at the end of every month. A memorandum of understanding has been established between us and congregations in the communities they belong to give them the chance to do their practical work when they are on vacation break.  The unfortunate part is one student had dropped out of the course half way this second quarter which is due to his persistent ill health. However, he completed the first year successfully and started half way in the second year. His name is Mohamed Gassama. We are now left with fifteen students. we hope and pray that these ones will make the journey to the end.


We are hereby drawing your attention to a small scale groundnuts farm that we planted on the new land bought for the school. The purpose of this farming is to secure the land from intruders or trespassers till the time comes for a building project. Even though we have prepared all the necessary documents but yet we need to secure the land by occupation. We have planted three hundred cups of groundnuts in this plot which will supplement our feeding program for students. We are yet to harvest this groundnut farm but hope to do so before we go for break.

NEW CONGREGATION    We have planted a new congregation outside Kenema town which lies about a mile from the center of the town. We have presently an average of forty worshipers in this congregation. We were meeting inside a house of one family member, because of the increase in the number of members each Sunday, we have the cause to move out of the house and pitch a tent outside the building where the congregation is presently meeting.  The school is using this opportunity to send student preachers every Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays to conduct service as part of their practical work. 


We have the Director for local studies, the Dean of students’ affairs, two long course teachers, two short course teachers, one cook, two security men, one in the day and one at night, and one computer lecturer.  All of these staff belongs to the Lord’s church which makes us unique at work.


Joseph Missailie was born on the 22ND September, 1992.

He attended school in the city of Kenema

He was baptized on the 8th December, 2008 at the Church of Christ Kissy town,  Kenema.

He became interested in the work of the lord and decided to be enrolled in the school last year to pursue his dreams in the lord’s vineyard.

He is married with one child. Before then, he has been working as a teacher and an associate minister in the Lord church, because of his heart burning desire to do God’s work, he decided to come and gain more knowledge. Joseph is presently participating in the grooming up of the Church we have planted in the BURMA community. Since there is no preacher in-charge yet Joseph and his other colleague’s preachers are mending the flock at the moment.


We have done lots of conversion over the one and half years of our program and handed them over to the various churches we visited during our campaigns.  We have planted one church at Burma Community.

We have restored a congregation from Kono District at Gbaneh village to the Lord’s church.

We have been participating in cooperative evangelism with churches of Christ in Kenema on weekends.

We have also been taking part in church programs such as lectureship, seminars, weddings, funeral service. etc,  etc,    

We are also planning on another campaign this week and will give you an update on the outcome. We are moving the office next week to the new building site we rented and will inform you after the transfer

SUBMITTED BY:  Ishmael S. Bangura, Director, BVBI-SL

Posted on September 6, 2018 .

Students plant & nurture new congregation in Sierra Leone

 Dear Brethren in the vineyard

We hereby send you greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

We are hereby sending you pictures of the new born congregation at Borma community. This is the first chapel planted since the inception of our school in Kenema. Our first service was 40 members after our campaign in this area.

We have assigned students to maintain this congregation since they have no one to pasture them. They are presently meeting under a small hut covered on top of it with grasses as the former house of one of the member is not spacious to contain all of them.

New converts for the congregation were baptized by students during the campaign and added to the congregation.

Bro. Ishmael S. Bangura

Posted on July 30, 2018 .

Continued progress in Sierra Leone

Hello brethren in the lord.

We thank God for possessing a piece of land for the school in Sierra Leone.

Above is a photo of the land purchased measuring (0.5915) hectare of land, followed by a rented house for the School. We want to appreciate the good work you are doing in support of the gospel in this part of the vineyard.


We have developed a bigger garden for agriculture farming than last year. We have established a farm for the school which contained a mixture of crops predominantly groundnuts


Short and long courses conducted by our lecturers with Students fully participating in the teaching and preaching process in the classroom


After series of visitations and house to house evangelism within the Kenema communities, we are going for an outreach campaign in all the areas we have visited  to spend a week long teachings and preaching program, starting from the 18th to 25th June.2018.  A report will follow later.

We ask for special prayers from all the brethren

Thank you.

In Christ

Bro. Ishmael S. Bangura

Posted on June 18, 2018 .

Positive changes in Sierra Leone

Hello Brethren in Christ,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ in whom we live forever Amen. We are happy to report the following development that has taken place this second year of our studies in Sierra Leone.

We are on the verge to relocate the School outside Kenema Town which lies about (3) three miles along the Liberia board road. We have purchased a large portion of land for the School which is about 1.5 acres of land. The Dean supervising students at the new site in the burning and clearing exercise over the weekend


The Dean and Bro Victor Sahr a student visited congregations out of Kenema and shared the word of God with them, below is a picture of the activities in which four soul were baptized by Bro Victor Sahr


Every Saturday our students are engaged in practical evangelism work from house to house within the community in Kenema where they share the word of God with people they meet. Classroom teachings and preaching are ongoing with student’s practical work.

CAMPAIGN FOR NEW STUDENTS ADMISSION: We have started our campaign from church Church in Segbema , Kailahun , Kono, etc to sensitize members of the churches of Christ to enroll for next year academic school.

God bless,

Ishmael Bangura

Director, BVBI-SL

Posted on May 28, 2018 .

Campaign in Sierra Leone

Dear Brethren in Christ,

I am sending you photos of my visit to the church at Babuibu in the Taiama region where three of our students came from.

There is a river crossing before you get to the village where the church resides.In my four miles journey walk to the village ,I had to on board  a boat that ferried me across the river that morning.

My dean of students also visited  Segbema church of Christ where he  worshiped also with the church.

Our students are doing great work in these areas .There are five churches of Christ existing in this region.We hope to pay another visit with the hope to restore the other churches.

There are two soul of convert baptized on that mission by the students.

Thank You

Yours in Christ

Bro,Ishmael S Bangura

Posted on April 24, 2018 .

A guest teacher in Sierra Leone

Hello Brethren in Christ,

We salute you in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ Amen.

We are pleased to send pictures of our activities undertaken for the month of February this year in which a lot has happened. Students sharing the undiluted word of God to the people in the community where we are planning to take our next campaign. Students holding group studies from house to house as they reason together with community members about Jesus.

Learning in the classroom ended with a short course conducted by Bro Robert Dahn Jr of Bear Valley Bible Institute of Liberia who is also acting on behalf of Bro Steven to see that there is uniformity in the three schools: Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea in terms of teachings, comportment and spreading of the gospel in these schools

Bro, Steven held a brief meeting with students and staff of Bear Valley in Sierra Leone with Bro, Robert Dahn who reiterated on the teachings and method to be used by all the Bear Valley Schools in order to be on the same standard of learning the undiluted word of the gospel.

He also reemphasized the importance of Bear Valley Bible Institute certificate requirements for the course. The meeting ended with a review of the Budget and setting up of a proper filling system for the school by recording all properties of the school and works to be done by individuals for a proper book-keeping record of the school assets.

Thank you,

Submitted: Bro, Ishmael S. Bangura

Posted on March 20, 2018 .

A plan for the year in Sierra Leone

The Bear valley Bible Institute Sierra Leone greets you all in the name of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We want to appreciate all those who in diverse ways supported the work here in our country. We say  thank you once again to our Regional Coordinator and Keith whose visits in sierra Leone were a blessing in disguised by bringing the gospel  closer to our doors through Bear Valley Bible Institute. 

The first year program has ended with lots of events undertaken last year. We have started another new year with evangelism campaigns, lectureship, personal visits,  house to house, restoration and cooperative evangelism with churches of Christ in Kenema. We also agreed to send student preachers on a routine basis each month to the churches in our area. We hope with these strategies as a preacher's training school will help us achieve better results for this year. 

We have engaged on a mass evangelism campaign on every Saturday within Kenema township at a place call Dauda Town on church survey for the possibility of  church planting in that community. We are planning a three day lectureship and public preaching campaign at the end of this month on that venue before going for our election  break. We also intend to take Kenema urban and rural as our new JERUSALEM. (ACTS 1:8)  this year.

The students ministry at campus have converted four souls for the month of January 2018.
Bro.  Emmanuel F. Focko was  preacher for that service. He captivated the hearts of these converts through an inspired message preached on the theme “ who is a christian”?


Bro. Focko is born some 25 years ago in a small village call Yaladu near Koindu.

He has lost both parents and was staying all by himself. But due to his heart burning desire to do God's work he was picked up by his leaders in his congregation and was recommended for biblical training in the Bear Valley Bible School. He was nurtured and baptized under the church of Christ Koindu in 2009

This brother is a church planter and has planted one congregations in his community before coming to school. He is single and ready to work for the lord if given the support after completing school. He is a pleasant person to work with. 
The photo below shows Bro, Emmanuel F. Focko holding a bible with a young congregation as the shepherd of that congregation.

One of our main constrains was the printing and coping of teaching materials for students.
But with  the purchase of a canon copier through the help of our sponsors we can now boast of having teaching materials on all the modules for our students. We thank our sponsors for such a wonderful gift to our school.

Your brother,

Ishmael Bangura

Director, BVBI-SL

Posted on February 12, 2018 .

A great first year in Sierra Leone!

Dear Brethren in Christ.

We have come to the end of our fourth quarter in the first year of our program in Sierra Leone; we thank God for your support in different ways for the school. We hope and pray that the Lord will continue to shower you with his blessings.

We are sending you photos of our school activities undertaken during this quarter of school ending 2017.


There is a cordial relationship between the school and churches in Sierra Leone -Kailahun, Kenema, Tongue, and Taiama. Etc.  

On the 27th -29th Oct, a fellowship meeting between students and the youth of Kenema churches of Christ was held at the campus followed by a football match between the students and churches combined which ended in a 3-2 victory in favor of the school

This event of the school was witnessed by both Steven Asheraft the regional coordinator for West Africa and Bro Robert Dahn the director from Liberia (Bear Valley).


Our door to door evangelism is on Saturdays where students partner in collaboration with the youth fellowship churches of Christ Kenema.


30th Nov-3rd Dec, 2017 -Lectureship at Waima village in Gbane Chiefdom on Baptism was conducted where 36 members from a denominational congregation were converted and be baptized for remission of their sins through the effort of a student from that area by the name of Maxwell Temoindor. We instituted the lord supper and corrected other errors, like instrumental music in their worship, moving off shoes before entering the church edifice ect


For the first time we hosted a short course lecturer from a neighboring country from Liberia to teach and share experience success stories in their school development such as large scale agricultural farming, extra classes conducted for part time students, Evangelism/ campaign, structural adjustment on teaching methods etc.

From lessons learnt from Bro Robert Dahn of Liberia we were able to correct our lapses and move forward. We hope this will be a routine process.


We have completed the first year fourth quarter of studies after going through vigorous training with our students in both academic and practical field work. The result will be published in due course to encourage students to give their best in the last year courses.

Yours in Christ


Posted on December 18, 2017 .

Guest teacher in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone.jpeg

Hello Christian brothers in Christ,

We are greeting you in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

We love you and wish you everything you could wish for yourself. You are really important in our lives. As we can now boast of training seventeen (17) matured men in the gospel to preach God’s word in the vineyard.

Lectureship – during this quarter, we are blessed with the teaching of Brother Dahn Robert of the Bear Valley Bible Institute in Liberia (Director) who helped us in restructuring and teaching the undiluted word of God to our students in Sierra Leone. Brother Steven also was here on a visit to oversee the work done by us in Sierra Leone.

We are grateful to these two (2) brothers for coming at the right time.

Thank you


Posted on November 27, 2017 .

Plans and progress in Sierra Leone

Hello brethren.

We are very grateful to all of you, who in diverse ways support the mission of the work here in Sierra Leone. May God richly bless you for your relentless efforts towards the school.  May our Lord continue to keep you from danger and tribulation wherever you are as the days are evil.

Number of students

Presently, we have 17 students in school one has been hospitalized undergoing medical treatment.

Campaign for Christ: Campaign for this quarter is cancelled due to heavy rain fall in our areas of activities. We have rescheduled the campaign after the end of the rains in October. School will be closing down for the third quarter on the 17th September, and reopens on the 9th October, for the fourth quarter of school.

Achievements: We have made some strides in soul winning campaign and restorations as follows:

In Kailahun at the Levuma church of Christ we won 21 souls for Christ.

In Kenema churches of Christ we are strengthening their membership with new converts

In our campus ministry in Kenema, we have added four souls through baptism.

Students were restoring church members during holidays in various localities in their villages.

They were baptizing members and adding them to churches of Christ in their villages.

We have introduced computer studies in our curriculum with the help of cash donation from our sponsors. We intend to offer an additional class for members in the churches of Christ comes next year.

Thank you,


Posted on September 11, 2017 .