Nationwide meeting in Zambia

It is always a great pleasure to write and reflect on the happenings here at BVBI-Zambia during the month of August, 2019. The students have continued with their evangelistic efforts that are done each week. These activities include the door-knocking and preaching on the streets. These actions are overseen by Brother Cephas Mwamba. And as a result of this evangelistic effort, Shermus Mulenga was converted on 19th august. Shermus has been known for his good leadership qualities in the denomination world and we hope and pray that he will translate that into serving the True God in the church.

Students have also restored three souls back to the sheepfold. It is indeed a great thing to see the zeal that is exhibited by all the students as they reach out to the people in the community with the Gospel of Christ. They impress not only us as the school but also the congregations where they teach and preach on each first day of the week.

We had a very successful evangelistic trip to Mpika, Muchinga Province of Zambia. Muchinga province is between, Northern and Eastern Provinces and 620 Kilometers from the Copper Belt Province. The church of Christ is not so strong in this newly created province, hence when the Institute was invited by the Church there to help in evangelism and strengthen the existence of the Lord’s kingdom there, we saw a good opportunity because the Ten (10) provinces of Zambia were represented at this conference meeting. The conference started on 23rd August 2019 and ended on 26th August, 2019. We traveled with other members from different congregations of the Copper Belt Province. The total number of 52 represented all the 17 congregations from the Copper Belt. We took all our students and they all participated immensely in the activities of the conference. And during the evangelism Robby Chileshe and Ignatius Mwanza and 8 others were added to the Lord. Brother Cephas Mwamba facilitated the baptisms that took place. It was good to see our students ministering. We had a total number of 11 Baptisms and three restoration in this month of August.

We are looking forward to having Donnie Estep come and teach “2 Corinthians,” as a short course. He will be in Zambia from 8th September 2019 to 14th September, 2019. We thank God for the work that he is doing!

Our hearts are always thankful for the partnership and financial support and all the encouragement we enjoy from you in this noble work. We pray that God will bless the works that you all are involved in as well.


Cephas and Fred

Posted on September 10, 2019 .