A new school year in Ukraine

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

During the last month we were involved in VBSs activities. In Bela Tserkva we had a wonderful VBS with marine theme. We students all kinds of Bible stories connected to a sea or any other body of water. They were about Jesus, Jonah, etc. We had more than 40 children in attendance. Most of them crossed the door way of the church building for the first time. It rejoiced us, and it also provided that their parents trust us.

About the same time, we had to deal with a little problem. We used to rent an apartment for our Instructors but the landlord decided to put it on the market. They gave us a week to move out. And it proved to be a rather trying task to find a good place who the temporary residents who will be taking turns living there. Most of the landlords strongly prefer permanent renters, they we're not in favor of different people living there in relatively short periods of time. I had about 10 stressful days spent in search of a new place. I had no idea it would be such a problem and people would have such strong feelings about it. Thank God we found a good two room place in a new part of town. The instructors will have to catch a bus or just walk about 40 minutes to the church building. The first Instructor who got to try living there is Denton Landon. Next week we expect a few Ukrainian Instructors.

But the most important new is undoubtedly the beginning of the new school year. This time we have 4 new students and brother Tara's who has just a few more courses to take before graduation.  And the second year class numbers 6 students. So, we are expecting 8 graduates in the end of the school year including Taras and sister Tamara who still have just a few courses appointed by the Institute's Administration before graduation.

This year we have young students under 20. Mostly they are children of our preaching graduates and their close friends. I'm happy to train young people in their formative years.

Currently Albert Bagdasaryan is teaching "How we got the Bible" to the first year students and Denton Landon is teaching "Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther" to the second year students. Later this month we are expecting Jim Sherman and a few Ukrainian Instructors.

A few words about our new students:

Ilijah Zhuravlev is the son of one of our Instructors who is a preacher at Brovary congregation. He is 19, he has completed his high school course. He's single and he is currently helping the congregation with the youth ministry.

Bogdan Antipenko is a relative of Stanislav Kuropyatnikov, the preacher from Lviv Church of Christ. He is 18. He has a burning desire to serve the Lord.

Nazar Semikoz is 18. He's a high school graduate. He is a son of Viktor Semikoz, our Instructor and a Minister of the Church.  He wants to become a preacher and spread the Gospel.

Marianna Medved is a Christian from Lviv. She is 18. She is dating our last year graduate Arthur Litvinenko. Arthur is a Minister in the city of Kremenchug.

I have high hopes that Lord's Church in Ukraine will continue growing and strengthening. As you see we are now training the second generation of preachers who desire to serve. We ask you to pray for the Church in Ukraine and it's continuing growth.

We sincerely appreciate your support of the ministry. You are doing the great job trusting us and helping us grow.

In Christian love, Your brother in Christ Dennis Sopelnik

Posted on September 10, 2019 .