Evangelism in Mbanga

Our God is exalted far above all heavens and His glory is above all the earth. God blesses his church and the work of the Bear Valley Bible Institutes in Cameroon. I hope all is well over there. 

Cameroonians, since Monday, have been so busy with back to school or school resumption which has been a major problem to our English-speaking brothers. Nevertheless, we of the school of preaching are very busy with examinations, short courses, and the sister’s class. We praise God almighty for another successful week that our students and the church passed through. It was a very busy one with examinations for the students. 

This is when the students are presenting, “Practical Homiletics” for their exams. It was good for them to present in front of their peers for “Homiletics I.” For “Homiletics II,” it shall be with the congregation.

As we were rounding up with exams it was time to go to Bomono Ba Mbenge, a community along the Mbanga Douala highway were one of our graduates, Raoul, is working full-time. There was a mini lectureship for the zone. Tracks we carried along including “The Good News and Seven Ones,” in French. The students motivated evangelism, singing, reading of the bible, and many other activities as one of them won the best price for bible quiz. Souls were touched during door to door evangelism and even open-air preaching. It was a blessing as the zone expect much from the students and staff of the Bear Valley Bible Institute Cameroon. Our challenges there were the poor sound system which has been a problem most of the time. Keep our hundreds of prospects in your prayers and for brother Raoul to get have good follow- up with them. We returned Saturday evening after the last evangelism.

Please continue to pray for us.

Posted on September 10, 2019 .