Challenges in Wotutu

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from this great country of Cameroon. We are doing fine even though many are sick here. I took four students to the hospital in Limbe for further medical findings. I also took two of their wives who came for the classes and took ill here. Keep us in prayers because it seems we are facing more challenges now.

God is still on the throne. And, in the midst of all this, the work He entrusted in our hands is moving ahead. The separatist movement declared a lock down in the entire English-speaking Cameroon. It came just at the time that our student’s wives are supposed to make their way to Wotutu for their class. Some made it under very harsh risky conditions. It was very expensive, even above our budget, to get them to and from the villages.

The third quarter ends today successfully without any major problem from all the staff and students of Bear Valley Bible Institute Cameroon Wotutu. But, because of the lock down, our students cannot go to the field as the case use to be immediately after their short courses. They will wait until Sunday afternoon to move and they need to move faster. The school van and the orphanage van will be used to transport them faster out of the English-speaking zones to French speaking areas so that they can continue to twenty different locations for mission work. Among these twenty, we have two virgin lands to preach in and plant new congregations in and we also have a place in which to revive a dying congregation. Keep these in your prayers.

This new week and new month open with the short courses and also the women’s class. The women’s class was sensitive with good lessons on “THE HOME GOD’S WAY.” I decided to teach the class so that I will be able to make better explanations and applications. With experiences from my family, I can help build these families. They took courage to leave their different villages. Some even came with their smaller children because of fear of insecurity back in their homes.

The seventeen total lessons in the handouts were great. As the one that instructed it, I am not left with any doubts that this course will go a long way to build families and makes families stronger and more focused. Sound messages bring smiles as you can see the ladies smiling. Many thanks to sister Robin Martin for putting together this great piece of work.


All students will be out for mission work. The staff of the Bible school will be out to strengthen different congregations. I will be out also to visit congregations. Some of my visits will be will be where our students will be for serving for these two weeks.


Thanks very much for all that you are doing. Thanks for your prayers and deep support you are rendering to make it happen whether in the school of preaching, in the orphanage, or in the Christian schools. All of these helps to make the work entrusted in our hands move with ease. Please continue. Our God will surely continue to bless you and continue to replenish your pockets.

Please do your best to share this report with others. Make a great day.

Elangwe and family

By His grace director BVBIC-Wotutu

Posted on September 10, 2019 .