My recent visit to Nigeria and Ghana

It has recently been my pleasure to visit several of the schools in west Africa. Specifically, most of the ones I have visited have been of the 4 year, or “extended” model. There are a number of benefits to this model.

> It allows a student to keep his job and not face the dilemma of leaving home and family.

> The knowledge gained often makes an immediate impact on the church because many of the students are already preaching for churches.

> While the same curriculum is used and standards are expected, funding is much more manageable.

While we never intend to get away from the 2 year, or “accelerated” school model, the 4 year option is filling a much-needed niche in many places. Enrollment in these schools is now well in excess of 300 worldwide. What I found in my visits we eager students, who were appreciative of the opportunity to to learn and prepare themselves for even greater service in the Kingdom.


Keith Kasarjian

Posted on August 12, 2019 .