The students are back in northern Ghana


We are very grateful to God for the absolute protection, peace, joy and grace bestowed on us through His son, we pray that many who have not had the opportunity to benefit from this scheme come to the knowledge of God’ s manifold wisdom through the Church. In that we remained committed to appreciate you for the might work you are doing in Ghana and West Africa as a whole. We also congratulate you for your consistency in making sure that the operational demand of Bear Valley Bible Institute in Tamale is always met.


As reported last month, students have come back to school to continue their academic work. Thirteen of the fourteen students have reported leaving one who promised to come next week, due to family clashes he could not report on the reopening day. We shall continue to pray for those who also made decision and are not able to come this term.


The classes are ongoing successfully, Christian evidence is in progress with Brother Adjei Mensah Daniel and next course will be The New Testament Church 1{one true Church}, Brother Acquah Beenyi Kojo will teach in that class. There is a campaign planned this term as the students and staff will be going to Upper East for campaign. We are hoping to see the successful end of the term with full of activities.


We are working closely towards the impending programs being hosted in the school. They are Sunday school workshop, seminar for preachers and graduation. Letters have been sent to various churches in the three Northern Regions and positive responses are received. We have also been able to work out  the graduating students transcripts to enable the Bear Valley award the students who have successfully completed the courses of Bear Valley curriculum and worthy of Diploma certificate. Coordinator Kojo Beenyi as usual visited the school to teach and also ensure that things are in order regarding impending programs.

Brother Caleb a visiting America young man worshiped with us for about two months and had gone back to America. We attended his get together party with my family and it was a nice party time, many regards to him.

Please continue to pray with us. May the peace and joy of God rest upon you all now and forever Amen! 

Posted on July 28, 2019 .