24 baptisms in Mbanga

I greet you all in Jesus name. We praise the almighty God for giving us another opportunity like such. Our God is good and is blessing the church richly. Most of our youth have gone out for holidays and some might further their studies in other places.

We therefore thank the almighty God for giving us that spirit to transform minds. Just as our theme for 2019 goes," My Year of Uncommon Transformation." Subsequently, the church in Mbanga and my home have been common ground for transformation. This is a blessing from God.

Special greetings from the staff of the Bear Valley Bible Institute Cameroon -Mbanga, with a smile on our faces, and from the students who all returned from their first campaign safe and sound. The students of our institution had left for a two weeks mission work to various congregations across the country. We are blessed this time in our campus to have about 15 students in our campus which is a very large number and helpful for evangelism and missions. 

15 students left for mission work to 11 different assemblies across our country. One person went up to the north due to a call by a dying congregation that needed some serious work. It was done perfectly with the help of two of our graduates already in the field. The great God keeps on blessing His work In French Cameroon. The first mission work and campaign were successful as we can get feedback and reports from the local assemblies.

God blessed our first mission work with 24 baptisms, 17 restorations, and one restored congregation in the northern part of Cameroon which gave a total of 44 souls all together. Hundreds of others were opportune to listen to the word of God by way of the students. Some will surely be baptized later after follow-up by the local preacher. Hundreds of tracks were distributed along-side the work. May God continue to bless this batch of students and may they continue to be dedicated to the work.

Also, we are pleased to inform you that all the students came back to the campus and have started classes successfully. May the good Lord lead them through this quarter also in Jesus name. We are pleased to tell you that everybody is okay for now after some series of sicknesses took most of the students unaware. They have gone to the hospital and are taking their treatment. Just one or two persons have some severe problems of health and will have to go to a specialist.

 Upcoming events:

 We are planning to carry out massive evangelism in a new site called Ayos in the central region. We shall be going out for another evangelism in Susa next week. In August we shall be attending the youth retreat with some students.

Calvary greetings from my wife sister Mary who is pressing hard to see that the work in the Bear Valley school keeps on growing.

Ititi Benedict


Posted on July 28, 2019 .