Fundamental courses in Arusha

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Dear brother,

I hope that you are doing well, and especially in the Lord’s work. Here is the ACSOP monthly report. The work is going well here at Andrew Connally School of Preaching, we are almost to the end of the second quarter of this year. We have already done with the long courses and now we are in the short courses.

Both classes have two short courses- In last week the second year class had “Hebrews” as a short course and Charles Hebeth is the one who taught, and in this week Ahimidiwe Kimaro is teaching “Life of Christ 3”. In last week the first year class Justin Maynard taught the book of Acts, and in this week Jimmy Gee is teaching “New Testament Church”.

After these short courses the school will be closed and the closing day will be Friday, May 17th, 2019 and the opening day will be August 5th, 2019. While the reporting day will be August 3rd, 2019. Now the ACSOP faculty members are on preparation of the goodwill trip, that trip will start after the evangelism campaign which is continuing here in Arusha.  The purpose of that trip is to visit ACSOP students to see what they are doing to help their local churches to grow and also to advertise the school and its mission. And after this the school will be in preparation of welcoming master’s program class in the last week of July.

We know that you are normally praying for this work. But now specifically we are asking for your prayers in these school programs as we have mentioned above so that we can achieve our goals on this work. May God bless you brother.

In His Service,

John B. Haule,

The Acting Dean of Students-ACSOP.

Posted on May 14, 2019 .