An amazing transformation in Ukraine

Dear brethren,
Last month was really busy and productive.
The Bible Institute had L. T. Garganus teaching the course on Jeremiah and brother Dmitry Galuik who came to teach Luke. The first year students had Ezekiel (I was the Instructor) and currently they are studying Daniel with Albert Bagdasaryan. The second year students had 1 and 2 Corinthians and Personal Evangelism (Dennis Sopelnik) and Revelation (Andrew Zhuravlev). As you see, the schedule is very tight. All Instructors send some homework as well, so students don't have much free time. I feel that busy schedule helps our students learn how to deal with stress as well as sluggishness. I've noticed that the second year students manage their time much better and have enough time to study, workout, etc.

In a few weeks we'll have summer break and our students will start evangelical practice. Usually they return to their home congregations and help with activities there. They also receive assignments from the Institute, such as to teach some lessons and deliver sermons, help local preacher to visit brothers and sisters, help with building maintenance and run errands. We want them to get skills for successful work with people. They can't get them by sitting in the classroom most of the time. The good servant of God needs to know how to interact and communicate with real people.

I'd like to share with you a life story of one of our graduate. On May 25th he will get a certificate on successful completion of all the study courses assigned by the Bible Institute Administration. His name is Sergey Khovrich, he is 50+. Half of his life he was incarcerated because he was a criminal. He was a figure of respect and authority in criminal circles. But the Gospel touched his heart while he was still in prison. First those were denominational teachers who brought them the New Testaments and taught false doctrines. By studying the Bible, Sergey noticed that a lot of doctrines differed from the ones from the Word of God. It was a few years before he met evangelists from the Church of Christ. From that moment on his life's changed. He found the Pearl he was searching. Being released from the prison he was faithful in attending church services. It was not typical for a prison convert because most of them loose their faith and return to the old life style upon their release. Later Sergey had found out about our Institute from the leadership of their congregation and they contacted me. He was interviewed, got his medical papers and came Bila Tserkva to study. I had my doubts knowing his history. But God does unbelievable. Sergey proved to be a decent student who took his studies seriously. He was a good example for other students. Now he wants to work with difficult people with the problems similar to the ones he used to have. When contemplating this I realize that our work is not in vain. Doing God's will step by step, we see changes in people's lives. 

We are thankful to all brethren who sacrificially donate to our ministry and trust us to use these funds for sharing the Gospel.

We pray for brother Keith Kasarjian's, his son and Jim Sherman's safe travels and as well as their ministry.
Our spiritual family sends their greetings and gratitude.
Your brother and co-worker,

Dennis Sopelnik.

Posted on May 14, 2019 .