Rain needed in Tanzania

Greetings friends,

Grace and peace to you all.  Here's the latest from Tanzania Missions.

The farm is still awaiting badly needed rains.  Not only for the sake of the school, but for people across Tanzania, please pray that the Lord will send a healthy rainy season soon.

However, God is still providing a spiritual harvest.  Our brother David Bayi reports that there have been four baptisms and a restoration recently at the Kioga church.  May God continue to give increase.

We are grieved to mention the passing of two individuals close to the mission.  First, we send our sympathies to the family of Ken Upchurch, who passed away earlier this month.  Ken was a tremendous friend to the work, and an enthusiastic encourager to missionaries.  I have very fond memories of him, as I'm sure that many of you do as well.  He will be missed.

We also give prayers of comfort for our brother Ishmael who recently lost his son, Paul.  Ishmael keeps the books for the farm, and has proven to be a valuable worker.  May God be with both of these good families.  

Till all have heard,
Daniel Gaines

Posted on April 10, 2019 .