Evangelism in Zambia


March 2019

Greetings to you all Brothers and Sisters in the Lord! 

We are always humbled and thankful to God for the great privilege He has given to us to work for Him. Once again it’s that time we make a report on what has emerged at BVBI-Zambia.

It has been another busy month both for students and Teachers as we just concluded the third quarter, the students have gone on a two week break and when they return they will be completing their first year of studies at BVBI-Zambia. It is indeed unbelievable that time is running so fast and these students have grown both physically, mentally and spiritually. The vivid example of this, their busy month of studies have also turned in good evangelism which has resulted in five souls added to the Lords Church. We are so excited to announce the spiritual births of Matha Mwape, Izukanji Ngosa, Patricia Banda, Innocent Lukwesa and Patrick Banda. Inocent was one of the strong holder of Denomination teaching called Seventh Day Adventist and he finally surrendered to the true teaching of the Lord’s Church. Please pray for these souls as we continue to grow and share God’s loving words. 

On the other development Kenny Kondowe a student at BVBI-Zambia who just relocated from Ndola to Luanshya fourteen months ago. According to him, Kenny was not a very active member of the church while he was in Ndola. But when he met Brother Cephas and started going to Mikomfwa and enrolling in the school, he has become active to the church. He is also active and committed to his studies here at BVBI-Zambia. He is the oldest student in class and he is not letting his age to impede his studies. He is very studious and remains committed to complete what he has started. Kenny’s intention is to go back to Ndola and strengthen the Church in His area upon graduation. This can also be spoken concerning all the students that we have at present. They are all equal to the task.  The one word that can be highlighted in all this is growth. 

As indicated in our previous communiqué most of our students attend their Church services in Mikomfwa and Luanshya Central congregations while they are here at school. But we have other students who opt to go back to their respective congregations every other week for their Church services. And to this end, we have kept on receiving very good reports each week from their leaders concerning the steady progress that these students have made in their preaching, presiding on the Lord’s Table and leading in singing. They are even able to lead a profitable Bible study. 

As mentioned in our past report the National Youth Conference for Churches of Christ is fast approaching. The Institute is invited and Brother Fred Kanangu will be speaking during the conference. There will be evangelism going on at this meeting and the Institute Administration is expected to give guidance on the process of application and enrolment. Brother Cephas Mwamba and Kennedy Mukuka will be in-charge of this process. We look forward to this meeting that starts on 19th April 2019 and ends on 22nd April, 2019.

We continue to be very grateful to the Woodland Oaks Church of Christ for the continued support of the work here, and the Bear Valley Bible Institute at Large. Without which the work that the school is involved in this part of the world would be very difficult to accomplish. Moreover, all your efforts and prayers for the work are highly appreciated. We rejoice with heaven.


Cephas and Fred

Posted on April 10, 2019 .