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Gueckedou, Guinea BV Activity Operations Report for February 2019

Brethren, the month of February has ended and we are pleased to submit essential details of the Institute’s activities which were conducted during the month. In addition to the usual activities of classroom and evangelism, there were purchases of a new copier and 17 Thomson Chain Reference BiblesAnd by the grace of God 3 souls were converted to the LordHere are the details:

Classroom: Of the 17 students on roll 16 of them registered at the beginning of the month until about half way when student Nicolas who was ill for some time in February returned. All 17 students are now carrying on their studies and the overall academic performance is acceptable. The students are also doing well in their practical.

Evangelism: Two areas of evangelism were as usual conducted in the month of February - the “house to house” preaching and that of the regular radio broadcast both of which resulted to 3 conversions.

House to house – Among those who went out to preach was student Justin who together with 2 of his colleagues was able to convert 2 of his female relatives. Later, we converted 1 young man, a handicap who had to be transported on the bike. Brother Nyuma is yet a young man and he’s crippling in both legs. He cannot stand on any of them. Thank God for his acceptance of Christ.

 Evangelism by the air: There is one student who is making a greater impart by the gospel messages preached on the air. Student Niouma 2 Kamano has impressed us greatly as he reminds and teaches the public on a regular weekly basis with messages of concern topics such as “examining oneself in light of obeying the saving gospel”. Our emission is a regular listening one in Gueckedou and surrounding!

Other conversions elsewhere – Though not counted in our Bear Valley conversion figures we will nevertheless like to mention in passing that as a result of the Gueckedou Bear Valley’s Director’s preaching on 24th February, 4 precious souls accepted the Lord that Sunday following his exercise as the keynote speaker of the WBS Graduation in Foya of neighboring Liberia.  There were 11 awards of WBS Certificates offered on February 23rd to those men and women who completed the required courses.  

Purchase of 17 Thomson Bibles and a new copier: We had serious photo copy difficulties at the beginning of the month when our“2520” copier broke down. We tried to get it repaired, but to no avail. The popular technician in town could not repair it due perhaps to his incapability in the field. So we sought permission from Steve, our Coordinator who allowed us to make some adjustment in the purchase of the Thomson Bibles. Instead of 20 to include the staff, we purchased 17 Bibles for the students and with a far reasonable price than the invoice obtained some time last year. This allowed us “left over” funds used to satisfy the pressing need. So we got a “2204” size type copier to replace the “2520” which was damaged by car accident during transport of startup materials last year.

Conclusion: Our thanks and appreciations to all the men and women, the brethren who are supporting the Bear Valley schools especially the one in Gueckedou to continue to train men for the Master.

In Christ


Posted on March 25, 2019 .