2 wells drilled in Gweru, Zimbabwe



At the end of each month we look back and reflect upon the progress BVBIZ is making in the training of evangelists to be competent ministers of the Gospel. Indeed, we see progress in many areas. Though we cannot report on everything that transpired, the following is a summary.


Classes continued in the month of February without any challenge. Much ground has so far been covered in most of the subjects.  The following subjects are under consideration this term;

Denominational Doctrines                

World Religions                               

1-2 Corinthians                                 

1-2 Thessalonians                              

Greek I                                              

1, 2 Peter, and Jude                           

Wisdom Literature                            

Prison Epistles                                  

Introduction to computers                 


BVBIZ was blessed to have Donnie Estep, BVBII’s regional Director, from the 17th to the 25th of February. He had opportunity to teach and interact with students and staff. The subject he taught is “World Religions.” He taught the same subject to the students on the extended program in Harare on the 23rd and 24th of February.

Besides the classes, Donnie taught at Nashville Church of Christ during one of her mid-week services. He had an opportunity of visiting BVBIZ’s permanent cite. He made a visit with Temba Gwena, one of the Board members. In the picture below, he stands in a section within the land together with Ishmael Mutichu, one of the instructors and Temba Gwena. They are standing at the site where Healing Hands International intended to drill a borehole for BVBIZ.


Currently BVBIZ runs projects on the available space we currently have. The aim is to provide a hands on experience for students, lower the food budget and provide more income for the school. A new batch of chickens shall be starting in March whilst cabbages are almost ready for the market.


Work has started at the 5.9 hectare plot that BVBIZ now has. The hope is that all activities including projects will be done there. By God’s grace it is also hoped that there shall be construction of structures on the land. The first task was to cite and drill a borehole. The presence of water would then be a catalyst for other activities to take place. God’s blessings can, at times, go beyond what we think. When we hoped for one borehole, we got two.


A great surprise gift to BVBIZ was the sinking of a borehole by the BVBIZ board. The funds were sourced through Hailey Mlangeni, one of the Board members. Drilling was done on the 25th of February. It went up to 55 meters and this borehole has a capacity of producing 10 000litres of water per hour. The following pictures show the drilling that was done.


God smiled on BVBIZ to have Healing Hands International sponsoring a borehole. Discussions on the possibility of having this borehole began many months back and it has finally become a reality. There were smiles all over when the drilling was done and completed. The drilling went up to 60m whilst the borehole has a capacity of producing over 10 000litres of water per hour. A solar pump shall be installed soon. We shall report more on this in the March report when everything has been done and completed. Our great appreciation goes to Haling Hands International.


Students have continued to do practicum in various areas. This is in terms of teaching, preaching, counselling, leading in singing, presiding at the Lord’s table and in evangelism. Progress is being noted in the presentations they make and in results from the field. In the month of March, students shall continue to do evangelism every Saturday within Gweru. The next report shall carry out statistics of their efforts.


At BVBIZ in February, lessons were conducted, practical done, boreholes drilled and a visit done by Donnie Estep. We always thank God who makes this possible. To all who have contributed one way or another to this progress, thank you. To God be the glory!


Posted on March 12, 2019 .