Reaching French-speaking Cameroon

Evangelism is our mission and our mission is evangelism. We must go into the world and make disciples in every nation. Greetings from the people of uncommon transformation. The church, students, and staff send their greetings. We search for the lost souls everywhere and the Lord adds to the church daily such as are being saved.

As we are rounding up with the last quarter for this 2017-1019 batch, the students are greatly occupied with a lot of traveling. This is a mission work on an excursion trip to some villages around the central regions were some research was been done on African Traditional Religion. It was good to take them to some palaces where they can meet some custodians of the land such as the chief and some notables. They were to ask questions on some areas of their tradition and customs and most especially areas that do not correspond with Christianity. One of the reasons for this excursion, is to learn a bit about the kind of person you shall be taking the gospel too so as to know how to appropriately approach them with the word of truth. It was a successful trip and everyone enjoyed it. The chiefs and the notables were very happy to receive the school of preaching staff and students. We pray for another trip next year.

These souls were added into the kingdom of light in the church in Mbanga. We continue to pray for their active participation into the kingdom of God. They are sister Evangeline and sister Treasure. Commit them into the hands of the almighty God.

Even at the final stage of the training we do not relent our efforts on evangelistic mission. Our door to door methods is still helping us even though some people may say it is obsolete but is also more effective as we meet the prospect in person. We are still traveling to other localities during most weekends to carry out the Macedonian call. This was in Bonadale. It is a young congregation whose members are all displaced persons but we are planning to make a huge congregation in that locality. May God be our helper.

Our next and last target will be the campaign evangelism in Sancho that will commence on the 1st of March. So, immediately after they finish their exams that early morning, all shall travel to Sancho for a serious evangelism mission with some brethren in the western regions. We shall begin with our last short course come next week with elder Todd Crayton from Frisco, Texas USA and he shall be teaching on “Marriage and Family.” Please commit us into your prayers.

From your fellow worker in the vineyard. Remain blessed.

Ititi Benedict


Posted on March 12, 2019 .