30+ baptized in Malawi



Bear Valley Bible Institute – February 2019

Ekwendeni – Malawi


We are glad to share the good news from Malawi for this month of February. The term started the first week of February, and many things have been accomplished. We were blessed to have Donnie Estep with us, and Brother Jim Kerns. Jim had a three days visit in Tanzania – Chimala, and Ephron was glad to escort him. Donnie taught a short course on the book of Hebrews. God has always been good to us as far as the progress for the school is concerned. In this month of February four courses have been taught already;

  1. Romans was taught by Ephron Mbano,

  2. Hebrews was taught by Donnie Estep,

  3. The Gospel of John was taught by Clergynton Harawa

  4. The letters of 1&2 Peter and Jude taught by Navie Theu

Students and their classes

We are thankful for the outstanding performance of our students. They have reported 30+ souls saved during their 3 month holiday last year, (November to January). Their knowledge is increasing daily. Their grades in class are excellent and the three congregations around Ekwendeni have already recommended their good presentation of the sermons when they ask them to preach. We are always encouraged by their Christian attitude.


We have planed to go to Ewombeni, where we have been invited to teach a three days leadership lessons and conduct a preaching campaign end of April. We are glad to go and help the brethren of this area, but we are challenged with transport. We pray that God may provide us with transport like a van to be used for evangelism at our school. We also have more than 3 invitations this year but we are reluctant to respond to their need due to this challenge of transportation. We don’t lose hope; we know God has many ways to help His people. He (God) will not allow people fail to be reached with the saving message of the gospel because of transport problem.

Vocation training

Bear Valley Bible Institute – Ekwendeni is planning to have Pig farming and poultry farming as vocation for the students in the near future. It is good to train preachers, but if they don’t have something they can do while preaching at their homes, they may end up thinking to quit the calling. Support is no where found these days, therefore, having handy skills apart of Bible knowledge is a better way to help the preachers. If there are well wishers to help in implementing this, we shall be grateful for the support.

We are always thankful to Bear Valley Bible Institute International for the support you give us. We also want to take this opportunity to ask for your prayers for one of our students who lost his father in the second week of February. Your love for this work means a lot to us! Think Souls.

In His Vineyard,

Ephron and Clergynton 

Posted on March 12, 2019 .