Outstanding progress in Harare, Zimbabwe



Harare Extension School is now into the second year of its existence and we always credit our being to the Almighty God who gives us life. Secondly we are mindful of the fact that Bear Valley Bible Institute International is always by our side; physically, spiritually and financially. This report will look at the work done by our students in their different locations were they serve. 


The lessons started in all earnest in January but we were disturbed by the events that unfolded that led to a national crisis after protest were met with a heavy military hand by the government leading to even the loss of life. Dzivaresekwa suburb was one of the most affected areas as this crackdown went on for about three weeks. This disturbed us as gatherings were viewed negatively. 
In February we continued with the lessons. The Second Years were doing Denominational Doctrines and the Books of 1 & 2 Peter and Jude; the First Years were taught Personal Evangelism 1 and Synoptic Gospels. 
Donnie Estep visited the school on the weekend of 23 and 24. He taught World Religions to the combined class. He also preached during the Sunday worship service at Dzivaresekwa church of Christ. We are so grateful for Donnie’s visit and as a family we are grateful for his stay with us. On behalf of the church and my family, thank you brother Donnie. Evans Nyamadzawo will take over from were Donnie left and complete the lesson. During Donnie’s teaching Evans was also part of the class.


Our students come from congregations were some of them are in leadership roles. In improving their congregational relevance we always advise them to be active and put what they are being taught into practice. We always urge them to be self-starters and actively work for the church. They are also supposed to have eyes outside their local congregation. 
1. Wellington and Shingirai Nyoni (Second Years) managed to visit Proton church of Christ, a congregation that was established in September 2018. The local preacher is Emmanuel Tsikada.
2. Charles Mugadza (First Year) also visited the congregation on 27 January 2019 and was given the opportunity to song lead. After the worship service the local preacher briefed them of the greater needs at the congregation including the need for manpower to evangelise the area.
3. Augustine Fata is a member of Highfield church of Christ and on the 24th of February 2019 he was invited to teach Sunday bible class at Mufakose church of Christ.


1. On the 23 and 24 March we will be going to Proton church of Christ for weekend evangelism programme. As alluded to above the report from our students led us to this decision and we will be going there on the said dates. Proton church of Christ is located at the outskirts of Harare, about 30km East of the City Centre.
2. Second Year students will be attached to preachers who are working with congregations commencing this February 2019. This will help the students to understudy thereby gaining experience from practicums.


It is our continued hope that God will help us fulfill all the plans ahead. We continually remember BVBII’s contribution in this great work, we thank you.

Stay blessed and be a blessing to all,

COMPILED BY: Howard Suwari

Posted on March 12, 2019 .