More printed material in Ukraine

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

In this report I'd like to share with you the news from Bear Valley Bible Institute.

Last month we printed the second portion of "The Commentary on the Book of Daniel and Intertestamental Period". We printed them 1,000 copies at a time. After receiving them from the printers we ship them to the Church of Christ congregations upon their request. The only expense that the local congregations have to cover is the shipping cost. I received a lot of thank you messages from Ukrainian brethren who got the book. They appreciate this ministry and rejoice that their congregations' library received such a welcomed addition of good quality book. We thank God and our brethren who support this ministry with their sacrificial donations.

Last month our first year students had 1 and 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles (taught by Vitaly Rodichev), Minor Prophets (Andrew Zhuravlev) and started the book of Isaiah (Denton Landon) while the second year students had Prison Epistles (Michael Underwood) and Hebrews (Dennis Sopelnik).

It's much warmer outside and our students carry on with the street evangelism. They usually take some Christian publications and a foldable table. We place it in places close to public transportation key locations and distribute tracts and invitations. Sometime people stop to ask questions and ask to gift them the Bible. We usually initiate a conversation about the salvation of their soul and invite them to come to Sunday services.

I request your prayers on behalf of our brother Sergey Omelchenko who is still hospitalized and most likely will have to continue receiving treatments for a few months. TB treatment procedures in Ukraine usually last over 4 months.

Our graduation this school year is scheduled for May 25 for both Bachelor and Master's programs. So it's double joy. We expect American and Ukrainian Instructors as well as Keith Kasarjian, the Bear Valley Bible Institute Director of International Studies. We will be glad to see everyone who has a chance to visit us and attend the 2019 graduation.

March 31 is the President election day in Ukraine. We ask you to join us in our prayers for reasonable choice of the new leader of the country. It's crucially important that the new government won't persecute Christianity and we will be able to freely share the Gospel.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support for the Institute.

God bless!

Your brother in Christ,   Dennis Sopelnik

Posted on March 12, 2019 .