Prayers requested in Cambodia

Hello Brothers and Sisters from Cambodia,
We are ever grateful for everyone who is a part of our Bible school, whether in prayer, support or both.

School Update We have been going through some difficult times at IBISR with our students. Many who enrolled last year have had to return home or leave to help support their families income. Our staff is determined to lead and work through these times of recruiting and teaching. We understand that the Lord is watching over us and keep us in His protection and that He expects us to remain faithful and optimistic. All of our staff and current students have been on a continual effort to recruit new students at the universities, villages and in Siem Reap. Many are interested as we handed out information and talked with village leaders. These interested said that after the Pchum Ben festival Holiday (over Oct. 1) would respond.
We have been on Holiday Break and will return to classes next week.Please pray for us as we continue on with our Bible school and the church at Siem Reap.
Darat (director) has visited eight churches, many villages and some as far as the Thailand border to recruit new students interested in Bible and our Lord Jesus.

SEMINAR/WORKSHOPOn the 13th and 14th of September, we attended the seminar at Battambang Church of Christ. Our Bible institute leaders had been spending time for a whole week in a workshop, on the topic of (How to start a business or career as a Christian), which also took place at Battambang Church of Christ.
NATIONAL HOLIDAY Our institution has been closed for a week and it will resume on the 2nd of October. In the meantime, we allowed all students and teachers to visit families and relatives during this special festival called the Pchum Ben Festival.

Classes continue on through the Old Testament and New Testament in teaching our students about the Bible. We are maturing in Christ and standing firm in the faith.Please pray for our students and leaders Darat, Piseth, Pros and Vannak and their families as we never give up on God or our brothers and sisters.

Darat, Piseth, Pros, VannakIBISR Staff

To see a short video about the work in Cambodia, simply click THIS LINK.

Posted on October 7, 2019 .