Prayers answered in Arusha

Grace and Peace to you friends.


Last month I shared with you a building need that the Ibambula church had following the destruction of their building by heavy rains. Thankfully the Huntington congregation has generously stepped in to provide for this need. I share with you a note of thanks from Silvester Bahati, the preacher of the Ibambula congregation:

"We do thanks God together with you all who been touched to this need, and to decide to give out your money to help us to get permanent building of worship, may God bless you a lot.   I believe myself together with all Christians from Ibambula, we will make sure we are standing faithfully the building process of this building  be cause God has answered our long need prayers ."


I want you to know a little bit about the men that you are helping to train for the ministry through your financial and spiritual support for this work.  So, I'm going to start including a "Student Spotlight" feature in the short reports to introduce a student to you. 

We'll start with CHOL DENG.  Chol is a bright 24 year old year old young man from South Sudan in our English-speaking program.  He was raised by a widowed mother in the Episcopal church, but converted in 2015.

In explaining why he wanted to study at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching, he said,  "I had a desire to know more about the Bible in order to improve my personal relationship with God and more importantly to be able to defend and answer any one that ask me for the reason of my faith. (1Peter 3:15-16) which I believed was possible in ACSOP.  The Andrew Connally School of Preaching (ACSOP) is a school well-spoken regarding their commitment to teach the sound doctrine of the biblical church hence the reason for choosing to study here."

After graduation, Chol plans to return to South Sudan to work with the congregation that entrusted him with the opportunity to seek this training.

Chol wants us to tell you that his "sincere gratitude goes to the donors for their tireless and unconditional support for the servants of the Lord and the school at large."


At this time of year, many churches are working on their 2020 budgets. We humbly request that you consider Tanzania Missions as a part of your missions budget planning. In recent weeks I've been able to present the work to congregations in Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Georgia. Would you like for me to visit your congregation? I have some openings available in November. We do have a couple of stops in Virginia planned in November, so if you're in Virginia or West Virginia, then this would be a great time to get on the schedule!

Till all have heard,

Daniel Gaines
Tanzania Missions

Posted on October 7, 2019 .