Success in greater Accra

“Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ….” Eph. 1:2.

We are always grateful to the Lord for the series of activities He has seen us through for this month. Though school is currently on vacation yet there were other activities organize within this period.


This class though not part of the Bear Valley programmes but this was instituted by Alex Sah, a former student of SIBS who graduated in 2015, had the interest to help nourish the children of the Lord’s church and non-members in the community in the word of God. 

His aiming factor is to begin strengthening and winning the children when they grow up.

They have also appealed to the school of New Testament Bibles and other journals that may help in their studies.

With such initiative, the authority of the school has permitted them to use the school’s facilities to support their learning. We are hoping it will grow effectively in the faith. 


As part of the school’s financial accounting activities, this department has made submission of the 2017 and 2018 account report to be audited and to filing of returns to the Registrar General’s Department.

Kojo and Sammy assisted in this process seeing to it that the right thing is done to avoid penalty that may result for not obeying the law of the state.


The churches of Christ in Central Region of Ghana organized a three-day Bible Camp for its members with the aim of education the church to be one and edify its members. The theme for the programme is “that ye may be one” as request by our Lord Jesus Christ from the Father.

This three (3) day programme was successful with nine (9) baptisms announced during the closing session of which seven (7) were capture by Sammy. The school helped with the van, of which was a great blessing.


The wife of brother Paul Adom, an evangelist at Nkonya Wurapon, Volta Region of Ghana, has passed away. He is currently, teaching in a Bible School as well. Sadly, she has been in sick bed for about 10 years before her call by our Lord. The staff of the school also participated immensely and mourn with our dear brother during the funeral.

With all these activities in this month of December, joy fill our heart that everything was done peaceful without cut on anyone. We are highly thankful to the Lord for His mercy.

Keep praying with us.

Posted on January 14, 2019 .