Evangelism in Sierra Leone

Happy new year to everyone in the lord as we ended this year's program without misfortunes in the brotherhood. We hope and pray for a successful 2019 as we start the journey to meet our lord in this challenging world.  We are not better than those who have died during the course of the ministry  work but we are spared by the lord to continue in his work to fulfill the Great Commission of our lord in Matt.28:18-20. It is because God wants to begin with us that’s the reason he spared us to see the new year. As God has  began with us, may He ends with us for the rest of the year 2019. May we live to see another   New Year in Jesus’ name? Amen.


-On the 3rd Dec, 2018 the school started its last campaign for the year with  students participating in three areas of evangelising the vicinity of Kenema by making disciples. On a joint cooperative evangelism with the churches of Christ in Kenema, they are able to launch an operation house to house campaign lectures on one on one basis. This has proven successful for the newly established congregations in the areas whereby their numbers keep on increasing as a result of the moves and strategies undertaken by the school.

-Our campaign lasted for one week in three areas KAMARA TOWN, DAUDA TOWN, AND GBEYTAYMA


-During our campaign to the above area ,students were divided into three groups : one group went to Kamara Town another went to Dauda Town and the last group went to Gbeytayma. At the end of the day they meet and share experiences among the groups and forged ahead the following day. They explained  success stories to one another. They confined on each other for strategies and methods to be used for a successful campaign. The groups ended up converting souls for Christ in these area.


-More  practical field work done as a result of an effective team work in the campaign launched.

-It Helps the school to be known by members of the Churches of Christ in various congregations

-It  also gives the students an advantage to master their practical work.

Students are now conducting home lectureship and worship service in their own local villages.


-Sustainability of regular worship service in newly established congregations during break while students have gone home for break.

 -Congregations that are newly planted with the effort of the school  in villages  are seen as Bear Valley own congregations and are therefore looked upon to support them with preachers and other materials such as Bibles, Hymn Books, Tracks, Benches, Fruit of the Vine and so on.


-Our Future campaign programs should  be held in villages or places where  churches of Christ have already been in existence. This is simply because we cannot plant without watering, however, we cannot be selective in our work but this will save us from church support as the case may be with us.

-We should  first trained  new converts who are willing to pass the message over to their people before  planting a new congregation elsewhere.


-During our campaign periods we have been able to convert souls for Christ through efforts made by our students and restored members to churches.

-We have organized an evangelism team of youth fellowship from house to house on every weekends.

-We have  sustained both Tilorma and Burma congregations through efforts of our students.

-With the help of Bear Valley Bible Institute and our Regional coordinator, we have acquired an acre of land for our school within this shortest possible time.


-As we move  closer to the end of the second year program of studies, we have been able to ensure the survival of the school regardless of the challenges faced on the way.

- During the period under review, we have been able to sustain a program  of studies for all our students.  We want to thank our sponsors for supporting the school in a very special way in  accomplishing the great commission of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We also want to thank our  Regional coordinator and Director of extension studies for Bear Valley for their continuous support of the program in our country. 


Ishmael S. Bangura

Director BVBI-SL

Posted on January 14, 2019 .