My visit to Nigeria and Togo

As Director of Extensions, it is both my duty and joy to visit as many Bear Valley extensions as I am able, in a year. It was my pleasure to recently be able to visit the Bear Valley extensions in Ibadan, Nigeria and Kpalime, Togo. I was met in Lagos, Nigeria by local Director Amkinde Ebens, as well as Bear Valley team members, Steven Ashcraft and Chad Wagner.

The school near Ibadan, Nigeria currently has a total of 40 students. In addition to the classroom work, where they are learning the bible in depth, they also have a new chicken project, as well as a vocational training program. I am thankful for Makinde and his team, who do such a good job with the school.

From Nigeria I traveled with Steven to Accra, Ghana to obtain my Togolese visa and the next day we drove to Kpalime, Togo with Director Willie Gley. We went directly to the school where they were all anxiously awaiting the graduation, which would be the following day. 

At the graduation, not only did we witness the success of the graduates, but we were also introduced to the incoming class of 19 students. We are excited and hopeful about the potential of these men. Please continue to pray for them and for us.

God bless,

Keith Kasarjian

Director of Extension Studies

Posted on February 1, 2018 .