38 baptisms in Liberia

Hello Brethren,

We bring you greetings from the students and staffs in Liberia- Bear Valley Bible Institute, hoping all is well with you and your families in the Lord's name.


After a month break (Vacation), our students returned to the campus on the 17th of January in a very high spirit appreciating the school for the level of education imparted to them because their performances and contributions back to their local congregations have help the congregations greatly.


Our first activity of the year 2018 was a campaign to a town called Tearyegbaplay. A year a ago we took up a very challenging gospel campaign to a very poor and faraway Town called Tearyegbaplay and baptized 26 souls and started a New Church (The Church of Christ) in that community. Meanwhile, our first worship in the town was carried out under a big tree because there was not big room in the whole town to host the church that Sunday morning of about 86 in attendance. It was so very sad leaving this new church with out a worship place almost at the beginning of the rainy season and without hope of ever having a worship place all by themselves knowing their poor conditions.

My Team returned and posted an appealed for help to give these brethren a worship place and by God's special grace, Brother Greg Grounds and Brother Steven Ashcraft help raised the money and now they have a worship place with the help of my campaign team. We were also blessed to have 12 baptisms on this mission.


The school now also has another motorbike added on the one we already have before making it two bikes. Brother Steven Ashcraft help raised this additional funds for this bike. These motorbikes help the students go out of the campus during the weekends to faraway towns and villages to help encouraged weak congregations in teaching, preaching and evangelism as part of their practical training in the school. These efforts are helping many congregations in restoring members, strengthening weak brethren and exposing the Lord's church in those communities .Many thanks to brethren for this help.


T. Joel Weah is a student of the Bear Valley Bible Institute- Liberia, born June 12, 1971 in Harper Maryland County, in the south eastern part of Liberia. Brother Joel is married with (7) seven children and they all are christian worshiping with the Harper church of christ with a membership of about(40) forty persons. He is a high school graduate with little knowledge in operating computer. Brother Weah is a very dedicated student, hard working and the matter of fact, he is our best student in the school and in practical teaching and preaching. He desires to further his education in the scriptures to enable him serve the school and the world.


Many thanks and appreciation to you for all your sacrifices that are making it possible for the Lord's work in this part of the world to go on. May God richly bless you.

In Him,

Robert P. Dahn, Jr.

Director- BVBI-L

Posted on February 1, 2018 .