Bear Valley serving the young church in Myanmar

Dear brethren,

I am so glad and honor to inform you about the work in Myanmar. We had another good classes from October 1 to November 9 for six weeks and covered six subjects. We are going to have another classes from December 31 2018 to January 18 2019 for three weeks, to cover three subjects and another classes in March 18 to April 20 2019 for five weeks to cover five more subjects. 

We have thirteen students in Myanmar but only eight could come this time. For those students who could not attend regularly, they will take the subjects that they missed later when we teach again. 

After the school, students went out to do practical work and learn to grow. Five of us went to the delta area called laputta on November 10-12 and did some evangelical and edification work.  The students in Kalay and Chin state are visiting some congregations and do night Bible study. Some of them are still traveling to villages distributing correspondence courses and correcting them as there is no good post office. This help the students have personal discussions and contacts. 

In last January and February, some of us had traveled to four different villages In Magway and Rakhine regions ( there will be no test on the name of the places that we visited) and did Bible Camps and in April and May we could visited some other villages in Chin state. On that trip in khawdar village, a young girl was baptized. Then upon invitation we went to another village in Tedim township and had four days and five nights Bible study with so called Christians but never heard of the pure plan of salvation of the Bible. We should focus to this place for future work plan as well. 

Some of us visited the eastern part of our country Shan state on November 22 to December 3 and had some Bible discussions and visited a new city called keng Tong and planned to have one week camp there in the first week of February 2019. From December 17 to 23, next week, we (with two other brothers) will be going to a Buddhist village  in Magway region where we had gone before and hold night camps. Cover your prayers.

There are many many cities in Myanmar where there is no church which means we have a big and great responsibility and so few people are willing and capable of doing it. Therefore, this is my hope and prayer that the BV in Myanmar will meet some of the needs and fulfilled the great commission. 

May God bless our effort and partnership. My heartfelt appreciation to all of you who made the Bear Valley school possible in Myanmar.

Yours in His kingdom work

Philip Van Biak Lian.

Posted on December 18, 2018 .