Tremendous progress in Sierra Leone!

Dear Brethren in Christ,

Bear Valley Bible Institute Sierra Leone resumed classes on the 7th of October for the fourth quarter in their final year of studies. We have sixteen students present for the quarter we hope and pray that these students will make it to the graduation next year.   Below are activities undertaken for the month of October followed with photos.

Congregations in the western area  part of Freetown held their monthly meeting on churches cooperation to help promote the work in sierra Leone. We are invited to participate since we have an important role to play in building up the body of Christ. As stakeholder in propagating the mission of the church in this part of the country, We have to take part in that meeting and table the following points
(a) Admission of new intake students for 2019/2020 (b) Asking for trained and qualified lecturers from the church of Christ. (c) Graduation of completing students next year. All these points were discussed in good faith with churches present for the meeting.
Brother Samuel Bangura who has planted churches around the peninsula of Freetown consented to send seven potential students for the next intake from congregations he had planted to be trained as preachers to do the work.
We also received names of trained and qualified teachers to teach at the school next year. SAM BANGURA has been the only lecturer coming from Freetown to teach at the school.
The churches also promised to witness our first graduation celebration next year and to send students for the training program come next year. Looking forward to their commitment also as churches.
The churches also complained about the distant from Freetown to Kenema  which is about 304KM which makes it difficult for lecturers to come and teach. However, we have resolved the matter with them as we promise to encourage them when they are here to teach our students. We are now expecting more lecturers to come by next year.  From  Kailahun,  Kono,  BO, and Freetown. As we crave their indulgence to make some sacrifices in order to see the sustainability of the school.
(a) Decent lodging for lecturers to stay during their teaching exercise. (b) Giving them transport to and fro, giving breakfast , lunch and dinner for the day.(d) Giving them five hundred thousands leones for a week teaching. 
We completed two short courses for October, one course was conducted by Samuel Bangura while the other course was conducted by the regional coordinator Bro. Steven  Ashcraft  respectively. Bro. Samuel Bangura taught on the book of Revelation while Bro Steven taught on Geography of the Bible.
After the course students can now analyse biblical  locations between countries in the bible , event of happenings, cultural settings, background information , Traditional beliefs,  Social and economic activities. Etc.etc. They also passed the final examination with flying colors for both lecturers.
Our students have engaged themselves within the out sketch of Kenema at Burma and Tilorma environs where they have planted one congregation each. During  Bro.Steven's visit to Kenema, he visited both congregations and had to teach and preach in both  on Saturday and Sunday. 
Sustainability of the congregations during students vacation is difficult especially where there is no train preacher to take up teaching and preaching on holidays. Distant to travel to these congregations to preach on Sunday has to be covered at our expense.
Assigned two students to take up preaching and teaching when on holidays on cost for their travel expenses.
There is an ongoing evangelism undertaken by students on Saturdays from house to house teaching converts and inviting new membership.  At Tilorma Village, the township has offered us a big building to meet on Sundays and other subsequent days of our school activities for the preaching of the gospel.
Conversion of souls by students from a denominational congregation through our teachings and tracks sharing.
House to house visits and sharing the word of God with people in the village through tracks, one on one teachings and mid-week bible classes on Wednesdays.
Bro Sheku Pessima was born on the 14th July, 1991 in a village around Taiama near N'jala University of Sierra Leone.
He was baptized on the 5th February,2017 at the campus ministry by a colleague preacher. Sheku Pessima is the youngest preacher among his colleagues but dedicated and hard working towards the furtherance of the gospel. Before this time , he has been working as an associate minister of the gospel in a small congregation at N'jala Church of Christ outside Taiama Town a place I visited last December.
Our prayer and aspiration for the gospel work in our country is to see sierra Leone dominated by Christianity. We hope and pray that these students will dominate in their locality after been trained for the preaching of the gospel.

Thank you.
Compiled and submitted by:
Ishmael S. Bangura

Posted on November 24, 2018 .