Conversions in Guinea

Gueckedou, Guinea BV Activity Operations Report for October 2018

Dear brethren, this is a report summary of the activities that took place at the Gueckedou, Guinea Bear Valley Bible Institute during the month of October 2018. By the good grace of God, for the most part it was well. Classroom activities, evangelism and the campaign conducted during the month were all successful with the conversion of 4 souls in one of the four groups dispatched on the field. 2 other persons who had been visiting the church on campus were baptized making a total of 6. Below are further discussions of such activities under sub-headings.

Classroom: All 17 students had gone through the last quarter which was concluded in September. Therefore in early October the following academic results were posted:

1.      10 students of “Excellent to Average performance or grades “A – C / 94.5 – 72.5%”.

2.      6 students of “Poor” performance or grades “D /66.7 – 61.1%”  and

3.      1 student of “Fail” performance or grade “F”/ 48.4%

  All other activities such as the regular students’ devotions are ongoing as usual.

Evangelism: Two souls who had been visiting the church for a while obeyed the Lord in baptism during the month of OctoberThere are other efforts yet to yield fruit in around the town of Gueckedou.  

Air time Radio preaching: Evangelism by the air is for the most part in the hands of our students especially the one who has always top the class in academic performance. When he prepares a lesson it is edited by one staff member before preaching. My telephone contacts are given for any questions and comments. We are in a regular business of receiving calls and sms texts from our listeners.

Campaigns: The beginning of October, the first week was our gospel campaign for the third quarter this year. We had 4 groups to attend to 3 nearby villages and the quarter of the town where the worship hall of the host congregation stands here in Gueckedou. I was in the group that evangelized the worship hall area, but we and 2 village groups had no conversions except promises to visit the church. However, the 4th group was successful and was able to convert 4 souls.

Conclusion: We are grateful to God and truly appreciate the Bear Valley supporters for helping us train laborers for the Lord. The task is tedious, but our hope is in the Lord, who is Master of the vineyard.

In Christ.


Posted on November 24, 2018 .