Making a difference in Togo

Dear brethren,

By the grace of God, we have just completed the month of September in the peace of the Lord.

The activities went well in the month of September.

The students were on break during the month. We had two baptisms at ATAKPAME, and studies with people at the tract distribution center. The students visited and worshipped with several different congregations. There have also been seminars in Lome during the month, where they developed on the theme concerning the maturity of the churches.

Jean-Marc, an evangelist for four years, accompanied one of our students, SABOTEY Koffi, to the town of ATAKPAME which is 102 km away for personal work and they planted a new congregation.

There is a great improvement in the activities of our students during this holiday time with each church visited giving a good testimony concerning the 17 students.

The challenges

We were called to answer a question that has been asked by the government to the men of God in Kpalime:  What contribution do denominations and religious leaders make?

They plan for the whole month to talk about the contribution of churches and religious leaders on 4 radio stations here in this city: radio Maria, Islamic radio, radio Planete Plus, and radio Zion.

We started with a Catholic priest, a Muslim Leader, two Pastors of the denominations, and we from the Church of Christ.

In the end, the ideas of the church of Christ was retained for the rest of the activities. The authorities found more satisfaction in our public teaching and our public conviction, so we were chosen from among all to present the following topics: The duty of the Christian towards his nation and should a Christian go to vote? I addressed these topics with former student HONKOU MAWUNYO.

Former student:

Every first Monday we do two hours of additional training for former students for the things they did not study completely while they were in school.


He is a very talented evangelist who manages to set up a congregation quickly.  He is single with a child.  He is often asked to present studies at conferences. He leads a congregation with a membership of 45 members.  He was a pastor in 4 different denominations before he converted during his training here with his friends.  He has a very special talent to convince people with the gospel.  He can go far with the gospel.

Concerning the proposed Saturday program

With regard to the studies planned for members of the denominations on Saturdays, we have registered 16 students at Kpalime and 5 additional ones from ATAKPAME. 

Posted on October 30, 2018 .