Door-to-door in Harare

The Harare Extension School continue to give the church more reasons to believe in it. Our focus on practical work in evangelism, inter-congregational approach to evangelism, the students’ work in their local congregations and the added knowledge base of the students, have led the Harare congregations to plan the evangelical programmes with the school in mind. As a school we will continue to give the students the necessary tools in content and practical, that will make them effective and noble tools in the Lord’s field.


The work of the Lord is being done in the congregations and we are happy that the men and women being trained are very active in their respective congregations. Below is some of the work done:

1.      Stephen Mazambani of Borrowdale 
Besides participating in church worship service, he has been doing evangelism in his area. He has an ongoing study with a family of the African Apostolic Church or the Paul Mwazha sect. The discussions held so far are on dispensations, Sabbath, dietary laws and dressing. 
As Steve continues with the studies, we are persuaded to believe that he will do his best in teaching and (as it is surely God’s will) our God will let the seed germinate.

2.       Lavert Zungunde of Nora Valley
As the Nora valley congregation continue to grow, one soul (a male adult) was added to the Lord. Of major interest in the work of Brother Zungunde is the social media evangelical and edification route. Accordingly, he indicated that he is receiving amazing responses from members and non-members and due to this exercise; there are three (3) individuals who are being counselled on their family and general issues. We continue to be grateful that as BVBIZ, we always encourage on the ability to see opportunity and utilise it in our mission to reach out and edify the church. Our goal is to let the truth be told and let the truth lead and let the truth save God’s creation.

3.      Wellington Nyoni of Ruwa 
Congregational relevance in serving and aptness in teaching will remain some of the marks that will give the school and its products the worthiness we deserve. The Ruwa congregation could have noted these in Nyoni and during the month of September, he managed to teach three (3) Bible study lessons and preached twice on Sundays. During mid-week meetings, he taught for the four (4) weeks.
In doing all this, BVBIZ uphold the high standards of teaching and preaching. These are obtained through hard-work, study, doctrinal soundness and employing the correct hermeneutical and homiletical approaches. Delivering such healthy spiritual food will give spiritual satisfaction to the hearers. 


On 22 and 23 September 2018 a team of ten (10) went for outreach in Mazowe. The local preacher, Lovemore Manyanhaire, started the work in this area in April 2018. Lovemore is such a hardworking preacher. According to him, the congregation now has a membership of nineteen (19). 
We divided ourselves into four (4) teams and each team was allocated an area to go. Each group was given a local person to accompany and give directions.
Team 1 – Wellington Nyoni and wife, and Mrs Manyanhaire
Team 2 – S. Nyakadzumbu, L. Zungunde and sister G. Chenche.
Team 3 – A. Fata, P. Toperesu, and L. Manyanhaire.
Team 4 – H. Suwari and wife, and D. Nyoni. 
The working hours were from 10:30 to 15:30hrs on Saturday and making follow-ups on Sunday after the church worship service.
The total number of people taught was thirty-six and the reception was generally warm and many of the prospects were so promising.
On Sunday service the worship was handled by the students, with brother Nyoni W. preaching; Brother Zungunde L. on Bible Study and brother Toperesu on communion and giving. Seven christians responded to the messages and pleaded for prayers from the church.


As indicated and promised in my August update, we opened our doors to a new class on the 15th of September 2018. Out of the eighteen (18) who had enrolled ten (10) managed to attend during the first weekend of the lessons. The following names constitute the new class as at 16 September 2018:
1.      CHITANDA SIMBARASHE     M                       
2.      JULIUS EDSON                    M                                                       
3.      MATUTU BRYAN            M                       
4.      MAZHANDE B.                     M                                                       
5.      MAZHANDE JOSEPHINE      F                                                       
6.      MOYO METHOD                     M                       
7.      MUGADZA CHARLES                 M                                                       
8.      MUTUMA BRIGHTON                 M                                                       
9.      SIMEMEZA KUDAKWASHE     M               
10.     SHUMBA THERESA G.               F 
The first subjects offered to this class are The New Testament and How We Got The Bible.


1.      Donnie Estep will be visiting, for the first time, the Harare Extension School on 13 and 14 October 2018. He will be teaching a combined class and the subject will be the Prison Epistles. We wish Donnie a safe travel as he will be doing the work in Southern Africa.
2.      The Borrowdale church of Christ has extended an invitation to the Harare Extension School in the work of starting a congregation in Munyawiri area in Domboshawa on 20 & 21 October 2018. This is a new area and currently there is no congregation. 


I am appealing for a Public Address (P.A.) system which is very useful in our outreach programmes. The current price is $680.


1.      Our outreach programmes, and inter-congregational evangelical and edification activities continue to drive the students into true patriots of the church. The interest generated in our Mazowe outreach has produced many suggestions and proposals of starting new work, working with new congregations and boosting manpower in struggling congregations. 

2.      As a school our movement into all these, will be hinged on the transportation providence of the students. I am grateful that some of the students own cars and they are using these for the glory of God. The school is surely indebted to these men and women who are giving such resources for the advancement of the work of the Lord. It is not easy to move and travel but they are making it easy for us. We are grateful. 


As congregations continue to invite BVBIZ to partner them in the work of evangelism and edification, the future is truly bearing a bright light for us. The infusion of true and sound knowledge plus practical will truly produce a functional product that will fit in any environment. The local congregations and the church in Zimbabwe have truly been blessed.  
Thank you for your prayers and your unwavering support.

Stay blessed and be a blessing to all,

Howard Suwari                            
4277 First Street
Dzivaresekwa 1
Harare, Zimbabwe. 

Posted on October 16, 2018 .