41 baptized in Malawi!

Glory is to God for the souls saved this last preaching campaign for the year 2018! We are always thankful for the zeal our students are having in sacrificing themselves to be part of winning souls to Christ. They are really doing a wonderful job. It takes a loving spirit full of pity to win souls to Christ.

We have travelled in all the 3 regions of Malawi from Southern, Central and Northern. As usual, we divide ourselves into two groups. This time, some went to Pharombe and some in Karonga. Souls are being added to the Lord’s church daily. The soil (hearts) of the people of Malawi is fertile. We are thankful again for the support you give for this work to be effective and successful.  

Preaching Campaign in Karonga and Pharombe

Karonga - This place is to the North of Malawi, and the weather is very hot this time of the year! The Lord gave us strength and He opened the hearts of the people to hear His words. The end result was that 14 souls were baptized and 3 souls restored.

Pharombe – This place is far South of Malawi bordering Mozambique, many people there are welcoming people and they gathered in a large number to hear the word being taught to them. The students went out preaching door to door, while teachers had a lectureship on Marriage Divorce and Remarriage (MDR), Church Leadership and the Worship of the Lord’s Church. About 40 leaders attended from more than 6 congregations around the district. The result was that 22 souls were baptized and 2 souls restored.

This campaign, we have witnessed 41 souls being saved for all the two campaigns. We praise God for the harvested souls! We will sum up the totals of souls saved this year at the end of November.

Classless for the Students!

We are also thankful to God that our school calendar has not been disturbed. We have managed to teach all the classes for this year as they were tabled. The last class will start on 8th to 19th of October whereby Brother Clegynton Harawa will be teaching them first Corinthians. After this class of first Corinthians the next class will be 2019 February.

Words of Thanks

We send our gratitude to all brethren who contribute to this work of training men to be faithful preachers. Your kindness and many prayers are highly appreciated. Without your support, we don’t think these many souls we are reporting to be saved would have been saved. We still continue praying for your families as the work still needs your involvement. Eternity is forever, Think Souls!

On behalf of Bear Valley Bible Institute – Malawi

Ephron Vincent Mbano (Local Director).

Posted on October 16, 2018 .