Time being used wisely in Tamale


December Report 2017.


We have ended the third term classes successfully and the students have gone home and they will be back to school God’s willing on the 15th of January 2018. They are to use this break to see their families, congregations, and also harvest their crops on their farms.

Administrative Activities:

Administratively, we are doing everything possible to keep the school on its feet to have the bright future as an Institution which is so dear to the heart of God. It is our prayer that we will be able to accomplish this mission to the glory of the Lord Jesus.

Invitation to Tatale:

As it has been the sole aim of the management team to bring on board all the Churches of Christ in the Northern Ghana in the school, we are being communicating with the Churches daily in all we do here in the school and now they have come to appreciate our work. Most especially they appreciate brother Steven’s effort to support the growth of the Northern Churches. Also, the action of our past students in the preaching field is enough evidence that the school stands for the growth of the Church of Christ in the North.

Having received the invitation to attend the Annual Northern Bible Camp to speak to the congregation about the school and to also support the camp with our preaching equipment was so wonderful. The school supported the program with equipment both day and night for four days and enough time was given to speak at length about the school. Francis Ayine, Jabado Alex, and Niipaak Laar were there to talk to the brethren how it is important for everybody support to build the school. Many brethren were touched in their heart and a brother from Kuntumbiyili promised to give yams to feed the students and fulfilled his promise the following day. The school stands a chance of having a good future if we continue to teach the congregations the importance of having the Bible school at our door step instead of going to the South to attend the same such Bible school.

Repair Works/Needs

There are some repair and replacement works to be done. Some doors need to be replaced. The toilets walls need to be plastered and paint and all the water closets need to be replaced. We also need a water storage tank so we can have water all the time.

School Farm

We will continue to do some farm on the property like we did last year where we had a good harvested of corn. This year depending on the weather, we may do some yam or groundnut or both. In future we will need a flowing bore hole to do some farming whenever we want to.

Continue to pray with and for us. God bless you and We Wish You a Happy New Year.

Alex Jabado

Posted on January 10, 2018 .