Successful campaigns in Nigeria

Beloved in Christ Jesus, 
Greetings and appreciation for your continuous support and love for the Lord 's work in Africa most especially in Nigeria. 

The school authority divided the students and instructors into four groups for the end of the years programs. The groups leaders are :Bro. Makinde Ebens, Bro. Kayode Eniafe, Bro. Abiola Joseph Olusoji and Bro. Isaac Olaniyan while the year two students most especially those of them serving as an evangelist of a congregations such as Bro. Emmanuel Godwin  ,Bro. Obey Rimamsikwe, Bro. John Serimam, Bro. Ukori Godwin Johnson, Bro. Akilapa Samuel Timileyin, Bro. Samuel Peter Ortserga, Bro. Samuel Ogunleye and Bro. Anana Abasiama Effiong. 

My group are with Ikorodu Congregation,Lagos on December 16 where I served as one of the guest speakers during the SWSE -Ikorodu campus second annual Bible Lectureship where I spoke on How to prevent the Lord 's church in becoming lukewarm. 

The Lectureship in Ikorodu Congregation was attended by over 300 brethren from 15 congregations in Lagos State and 500 VOTI volume 94 and Mission Printing booklets were freely distributed to all participants. 

Makinde Ebens, Director 

Posted on January 10, 2018 .