Many souls being saved in Chimala!


Hello brethren we are very glad to let you know the great work which has been going on here at CBI around the vacation period.

As well we have been receiving reports for the students this week and they have done great job in their vacation. They were giving lessons, tracks, visiting peoples, and churches, having campaigns and seminars in their home areas as we here at CBI were doing with teachers and preachers.

As a result, from May to June we had 47 Baptisms and from students report we have 94 Baptisms and 23 restorations. This makes the total number to be 142 Baptisms and 23 Restorations.

The update from January – March were 169 baptisms and 67 restorations, on April we had 18 baptisms and 4 restorations. The conclusion is from January to June we have 338 Baptisms and 98 Restorations.

Lastly we thank God and you all for your prayers and supports. Keep praying for this great work which our Father of heaven Hasgiven us.


Joseph Haonga on behalf of CBI Team.

Posted on July 25, 2017 .