Continued success in Wotutu

Dearest in Christ,

Calvary greetings from your brethren here in Wotutu village and to you. We do hope that you, the entire church family, and your biological family are doing well in all that they do.

Last week in BVBIC-Wotutu went on well. Students are growing but some are still weak in assignments and other academic work. Keep them in your prayers because that is why they are here. They must validate courses within the time frame.

Weekend evangelism this week was characterized with lots of rainfall. It was very severe and hampered movement to many villages. But, of the students who went, some reached their locations late on Friday night and others could only make it to theirs on Saturday afternoon. They did their best to go house to house to share the gospel message and also to nurture congregations. Our dreams our alive and we thank God for it. We also thank you for making it possible.

As I write this report, all the students who went out, are back home. Some came back sick and with pains because of the nature of the roads. But, our nurse, sister Senge was there to help get them back on track to be ready for classes that will continue tomorrow.


We have a serious church planting mission coming up in August in Ashum village. We shall have a mass evangelism campaign there. Some of our graduates will come with us if they desire to do so. Our sister school in Mbanga will be part of the mission also. Please keep that dream in your prayers as this is a virgin land mission. IT IS TERMED “ASHUM FOR JESUS.” We are going to evangelize, to plant and to begin nurturing every week as we shall be sending students there to keep watering so that the gospel will multiply as He wills.


God bless you for your prayers and support. Keep it up. God will reward you in due season. Do your best to share our report.

Elangwe and family

By His grace director BVBIC-Wotutu


Posted on July 25, 2017 .