Another successful quarter in Kenya

Kenya School of Preaching students have gone home for break and will come back to begin Year 1 and quarter 4 on June 30. The 19 students have been great in class and have shown the zeal to learn and apply the knowledge to themselves and others.

Every weekend the students led by the faculty have been doing door to door evangelism in Migosi area where the school is situated and the response is good. Others also had the opportunity to visit local congregations and serving in various capacities and being part of 8 souls that were baptized into Christ. We are glad to called them very responsible students and preachers who have also shown a lot of care for the school properties.

Through the 8 weeks, the students studied the book of Joshua – Ruth, Writing Skills, Matthews, Prison Epistles, 1&2 Corinthians during the regular period. They then had two short courses on Leadership by Mike Rowand and 1&2 Thessalonians by Ralph Williams. The growth at the end of the quarter is incredible.

The two Maasai students went home happy with 20 Maasai bibles to give to the church members, the Kalenjin students also went home with 48 Kalenjin bibles while other students carried Swahili and Luo bibles. There is still a great need and desire for bibles and it’s encouraging to hear members request bible. Thanks to all who have been giving to put a bible in someone’s life in Kenya.

During the break, Elias and I will travel to Nakuru for a gospel seminar,. The congregation is led by one of KSOP students called Zachariah. We will also visit various congregation preaching and recruiting prospective students for 2018 class.

We look forward to hearing great report from the students when they come back, let’s keep them in prayers.

Next quarter we will have two breaks in between, this is to allow the students to travel back home to vote. We will have our presidential election on August 8 and we pray it will be peaceful as the last one of 2013.

We cannot thank you enough for being involved in this soul saving and edifying work. God grant you all peace, good health and prosperity in all you do.

Fellow servant,

Charles Ogutu – Director KSOP.

Posted on June 6, 2017 .