Much progress in Zimbabwe!

At the end of each month we look back and reflect on the level we would have taken our students to. We also look back and reflect on the roles we would have played in the expansion of God’s kingdom here on earth. In the month of May, as usual, God helped us achieve another level.  This is despite the various challenges the country is experiencing. In this report, we give highlights of those activities that transpired in the month of May and a brief on the upcoming field practice for students.


A well qualified and competent preacher is never trained in one day. Several building blocks are needed. A two day seminar was held on the 12th and 13th of May. This time around BVBIZ students and our usual leadership class which comes once a month benefited from the seminar. Brother Howard Suwari is a part time teacher at BVBIZ whilst Isaiah Machingura serves as an elder at Bulawayo Central church of Christ. Attendees were taken to a higher level of understanding and the school appreciates the sacrifices made by these two great teachers.

A new Congregation is Born

It is with joy that we report the starting of another congregation in Gweru, Habben Park church of Christ. BVBIZ students have been going to the area for evangelism. Her first attendance was 26. We remain grateful for what God has been doing through BVBIZ. As a temporal measure, Nashville church of Christ, a close by congregation, is partnering the school in the development of the congregation. Two souls were added to the church in May even as we pray for many more to respond to the Gospel call.

Married Students

Our married students shall be joined by their wives for the field program. These ladies are expected on campus on the 1st of July, that is, 2 weeks before the program. They are going to be prepared for the task that lies ahead of them.


In May we started another batch of our chicken project.  Each batch is taken care of by two students. The previous batch was being taken care of by Godknows Mutambara and Tinashe Mazhambe whilst the present one is being taken care of by Simba Madyira and Happison Bvukumbwe.  By the end of each round the concerned students would have an appreciation of how these are raised besides the theory learnt.


Harvesting of the maize crop started towards the end of May. The work is being carried out by students. Please note the picture above showing part of the harvested crop;


The few things that we were able to do were because of the financial, moral, and spiritual support we keep receiving. BVBIZ remain grateful for all of you as you partner with us one way or another. It is our prayer that God continues to bless you all even as we solicit for you prayers so that we do even better in the things we do. To God be the glory!

In Christ,

Mathew Muchingam

Director, BVBI-Z

Posted on June 6, 2017 .