Another great month in Zimbabwe!

The month of April was without much activity at BVBIZ. Students were on a month-long break. However, we remain grateful for what God was able to do for school in April. The following is a brief report.


Students came back to school on the 26th of April, after a month long break.  This marks the beginning of their second year of learning. The term did not start with classes as is the norm but with a lectureship as shall be reported hereunder.


Two provincial lectureships were held in April and BVBIZ students and teachers had an opportunity to participate in one way or another. These are some of the provinces in the country with less membership as compared to others. Lectureships present an opportunity to highlight school programs. They are also used as a stepping stone towards recruitment of new students for the school’s 2017 intake. The following is a capsule;


At Mashonaland West Province, Howard Suwari, one of our lecturers presented BVBIZ to the province. The lectureship took place at Chirau church of Christ. The mission of the school, 2017 intake, doctrinal positions, partnerships in training, programs and many other issues were articulated. Two hundred and thirty (230) people from several congregations were in attendance.       


BVBIZ is located in Gweru, Midlands Province. The school was heavily involved in some ways in the organisation of this lectureship. The director of the school, Mathew Muchingami , the full time instructor, Ishmael Mutichu,  BVBIZ students  were on the schedule teaching, preaching and leading songs. The faculty was pleased with the presentation of students. The theme was “Rebuilding the Fallen Walls-Lessons from Nehemiah.” The theme was geared towards church development.   


Church History, Marriage and Family Life, Church Leadership, Homiletics II (Advanced Homiletics), Gospel of John, 1, 2, and 3 John, Christian Spiritual Formation, Introduction Greek, Major Prophets                                                     

Besides the above, seminars on “The preachers life and work” shall be conducted as we continue to prepare students for their upcoming eight week practicum in July to mid-September. Preachers in the field shall be given a slot to share their experiences. These will come on a voluntary basis.

Furthermore, the following workshops (for both students and leaders) geared towards leadership development shall be conducted on campus.

·         Financial Management and Accountability for churches

·         Marriage and Family Development

·         Conflict Management



The maize crop is drying up and harvesting will be done probably towards the ending of May and during the month of June. One hectare of beans was planted. The crop is doing well. The following picture, showing a cross section of the crop, was taken at the beginning of April.


The second batch of chickens was a success. Most were sold in April except for a few that were reserved for the school. The school is currently receiving payments from customers who bought on credit. A brief trading account shall be made in the May report. We hope to start another batch in May.


This year BVBIZ shall have her field practicum for students. Congregations are being encouraged to apply. Each congregation will be expected to provide accommodation and meet the food requirements of students.  About $1000, outside the school’s budget shall be needed on the part of the school for the program to run smoothly. The money will be used for the following;

·         Surveying of areas and preparing congregations

·         Travelling of students to centres and back

·         Travelling of teachers and their subsistence when away

·         Back up in terms of food and toiletries

·         Medical expenses

·         Other unforeseen issues that may arise

The director shall make independent follow up to monitor progress and do own evaluation. We shall also be privileged to have the Gospel Chariot in one or two of the centres where students shall be. 


We are always grateful to God for what He has been able to do for BVBIZ. We also remain grateful for the support, one way or another; we keep receiving from all of you. To God be the glory.

In Him,

Mathew Muchingam

Director, BVBIZ

Posted on May 5, 2017 .