Outstanding field reports from Nigeria

Dear fellow soldiers of Christ. Greetings from BVBIN and SWSE IBADAN and fellow WBSFUW team in southwest Nigeria. 

In the campus church at Butubutu village :Bro. Abraham Idu Yeje and five of the students that are doing modern agriculture vocational training around Badeku and Butubutu village are now speaking on What Christianity will cost you from April 23 throughout the one month vacation training. And the Lord crowned their efforts with a convert on April 30,2017 after yesterday'sservice. 

In Jago congregation, Bro. Shotola Segun, one of our graduates and Bro. Samuel Peter, one of our students and a minister of Jago congregation reported the conversion of a soul and restoration of another one a family of four. 

Bro. Emmanuel Godwin and Bro. John Serimam also reported the conversion of three souls in Igbara -Odo in Ekiti state in this month of April. Bro. Emmanuel Godwin is the minister of Igbara -Odo in Ekiti state while Bro. John Serimam was sent by the school to assist him for the period of a month. 

Bro. Festus Ayoo, one of our year two students also reported the conversion of two in Idah congregation, Kogi state and restoration of five souls in this month of April. 

Bro. Abiodun Lawrence reported the conversion of six souls as a result of their joint efforts with our Lagos campus students during the three days end of the month program at Owode -Yewa congregation in Ogun state. 

Bro. Matthew Adeyemi of Igbesa congregation in Ogun state also reported the conversion of a soul during the one day WBS seminar in his area while Bro. Matthew Rowland one of my fellow WBSFUW team in Western states of Nigeria also reported the conversion of two souls in this month of April in his station in Akure, Ondo state. 

Bro. Okoro Chinyere, one of the instructors in our Lagos campus reported the planting of a Lord's Church in Ikorodu water side by our students and instructors in the month of April 2017 .TO GOD BE THE GLORY AND HONOR. 

In conclusion, we deeply appreciate your great partnership and love towards the growth of the Lord 's Church in Africa, most especially in Nigeria and we are praying for you, your family, and associates for God to continue showering His abundant of blessings and mercies on you all in Jesus Christ name, amen. 

I remain yours in His Grace as a servant...

Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (Director of Studies and Chairman of Administrative Council, BVBIN & SWSE IBADAN)

Posted on May 2, 2017 .