Exciting news from Zimbabwe!



When a group of people is well equipped and powered up to spread the Gospel, the world will be won for Christ. Speaking of Paul and his entourage, a complaint was given in Acts 17.6 that, “ ………these men who have turned the world upside down have come here also.”  At  BVBIZ, the mandate remains the same, to train faithful workers, at different levels,  to win souls for Christ. The month of February was not exception. Equipping man and women continues. 


Because of accommodation challenges, BVBIZ could not allow married students to bring their wives along with them. Since these women are an integral part in the preaching ministry, BVBIZ arranged a unique curriculum for them. They are attending classes for two weeks. We expect them again later in the year and finish off next year. The following are the subjects they are learning;

The picture above shows the married students and their wives.  At the far left is Ishmael Mutichu our full time instructor. His wife was part of the class. We currently have three married male students. One of the students, unfortunately, could not raise transport money for his wife to attend. There shall be another session later in the year.


Every day, except weekends, students participate in chapel.  There are also devotions done early each morning and before students go to bed. Furthermore, during weekends, devotions are done at various places where students would have gone for evangelism. Besides the role these play in building the spirituality of students, these help students to lead worship services better since there are constant evaluations. 


Our core business at BVBIZ is the training of preachers. This product must also be equipped with entrepreneurship skills that he can use whilst preaching and teaching the Word. These skills become handy where most  local congregations are not able to support their preachers. In February, students were taught “how to make detergents,” namely, dishwashing liquid and toilet cleaning liquid. 


Donnie Estep, BVBI’s Regional Director arrived on the 26th of February. He is currently teaching “World Religions.” BVBIZ is pleased to have him around. Our March report shall carry a detailed report regarding Donnie’s visit and activities at BVBIZ.


BVBIZ started a leadership training class for leaders in Gweru. It is taking place once every month. The class is being attended by 9 people. We are hoping to start another class in Bulawayo and Harare. Groundwork is currently being made to ensure the success of this program. It will be on a block release basis and is meant to finance itself. Classes will be done one weekend per month for twelve months. The major focus shall be on ministry, Biblical studies, leadership and administration. 


We thank God for what He has been able to do for the school in February. To the partners and sponsors, may God continue to bless you.  We always look to the future with hope that indeed, through these efforts, the gates of hades will not prevail against the church (Mt 16.18). To God be the glory!

Posted on March 6, 2017 .