Campaign success in Zambia


Greetings! We bring Christian greetings from the heart of Africa, Luanshya, Zambia!


The month of February was packed with events. First, we were very privileged to have Brother Donnie Estep come and teach and of our short courses. He taught the book of Romans and the students have continued talking about it. This is an indication that he really did as always a superb job! We are blessed to have men like Brother Donnie come and teach our students. We applaud the work that he is doing for God!  


Bear Valley Bible Institute – Zambia (BVBIZ) students were engaged in practical evangelism in Roan Township of Luanshya from February 21 to February 25, 2017.   

The outreach program involved students distributing Gospel tracts to the residents of Roan Township of which our target was Section 9. The distribution went on very well as people gladly accepted the free tracts. Tract distribution was employed as a way of opening doors for evangelism activities. Appointments were made on the first day for Bible studies.  

On the second and third days, follow ups on appointments were made. For the most part, appointments were honoured with some awesome Bible studies taking place. Some students encountered some hostility when they were rudely asked to leave. On one occasion they were nicely asked to leave as the owner of the house said he does not have time and will never have time for church things. In evangelism, you meet different types of people.   


In the process of tract distribution, one old woman could not hide her surprise and joy to discover that she was being approached by members of the church of Christ. “Church of Christ!” she exclaimed. “I was a member of the church of Christ together with my whole family. I was baptized at Makoma (a dam in Roan Township) and was very strong until I went to Kasama (a headquarter of Northern Province of Zambia) and joined another church. I was there in the Kaunda times. I think I will start coming because this encounter is not by accident.” Hopefully this will be the beginning of her restoration.    

Moreover, several families have agreed to be having continuous Bible studies with students so that they can know more about God and some families have pledged to start attending church with the Roan congregation.  

In addition, students having been exposed to real life evangelism have gained a great deal of confidence which they will desperately need when they graduate. Amazingly, this whole exercise cost a paltry $100.  


Students showed high levels of enthusiasm for work and openly wished they had been doing this longer 

Students easily worked in teams an indication that they can be team players when need arises and opportunity given. We at Bear Valley Bible Institute – Zambia believe that Ministry training should be holistic: head, heart, and body. This is an old, tried, and trusted method of training which was skilfully employed even by the Lord Jesus.  

Head training: this involves what most schools do – having daily classroom teaching. This is important to impart knowledge in the heads of learners. But left alone it achieves very little in 

Changing the lives of those being trained and usually produces preachers with “big heads” (the arrogant we-know-it-all kind of people). 

Heart training: this involves serious chapel time and specific prayer times for students. This kind of training prepares the heart for God’s work and when the heart is trained it can keep the head in check. Most schools neglect this and end up with a large number of graduates whom nobody can be proud of. Jesus trained his disciples’ hearts by taking them to the Mount of Olives and even to Gethsemane.   

Body training: this involves practical ministry. Ministry is like the medical field, no nurse or doctor will ever be employed if they don’t have an adequate number of hours of practical work (in fact they cannot even be allowed to graduate). The Lord Jesus saw the importance of body training hence he engaged his disciples in it before he gave them the Great Commission (their graduation). A boxer who never boxes is not a boxer no matter how much knowledge he has about boxing. A runner who never runs is not a runner no matter how much knowledge he has about running. Equally a Gospel minister who never ministers is not one no matter how much Bible he has in the head.   Our belief is that BVBIZ trains her students fully the Jesus style.  

We are eternally grateful to Woodland Oaks Church of Christ for financial support as we labour together for the cause of the cross. 

In His service,

 Zambian Team.

Posted on March 6, 2017 .